Jorden was decribed as one word complicated. Her longest boyfriend only lasted a week . Stealing from stores lying to friends was her regular life . Living with a mom who never comes home you have to lift your own weight . But everything changes when Angel comes.

Angel is perfect. But how can someone so innocent be so sinister. Being a spy for the wrong side at the wrong time can have deadly consquences espacially for someone so evil as Angel.

Chris has been hunting Angel for almost a year now. Being a spy for the WBXX has more risks than he ever imagined . Will finding Angel solve All his anwser?


6. Stars


"You left a sloppy trail behind you. Stealing a car and leaving the bodies out in the open like that with cameras on every street." I see my bosses shadow make way around his desk. " worst of all the computer is destroyed so we will never get that money!" He barked. Before i realized his large hand came across my face. A sharp pain went through out my face. I stumbled to the ground because of the impact. I rubbed my cheek. " thats a warning a grumbled. " get out" i quickly ran out the room and closed the door behind me . Then all of a sudden a see a tall slender girl with a neon blue streak through her hair. I clench my fists.
" hi darling " Darcy chuckled out. " hi" i turned the cheek that was hit away from her. " just going in to talk to the boss you know? It s soooo hard doing all theese missions for him since I"M his top agent!!" She flipped her hair back. I clenched my jaw but accidently turned my head. "Ohh did he slap you? " she touched the part of my chack that was hit and i slapped her hand away. " dont touch me " i said strongly. He expression turned serious and she said " he told me i can take your mission since obviously you can t handle it" she smilied. I was going to burst . Anger swelled within me. She leaned into my ear and said " you know not everyone is cut out for this job" than struted away.
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