Jorden was decribed as one word complicated. Her longest boyfriend only lasted a week . Stealing from stores lying to friends was her regular life . Living with a mom who never comes home you have to lift your own weight . But everything changes when Angel comes.

Angel is perfect. But how can someone so innocent be so sinister. Being a spy for the wrong side at the wrong time can have deadly consquences espacially for someone so evil as Angel.

Chris has been hunting Angel for almost a year now. Being a spy for the WBXX has more risks than he ever imagined . Will finding Angel solve All his anwser?


4. She can run but she can"t hide


I watched that bitch run into the trees into some dark care as it speeded down the street. I should of killed her. But my brother Mike wouldn"t want me to.
I rember the day he was shot . Spies were planning to bomb yankee stadium.

( 1 year ago)

" so whats the plan?" I said egarly looking out onto the feild i"ve never been to a baseball game before.
" now we just give Keegan the signal once we see the enemy spies hook up the wire to the bomb." He looked through his bonoculars scanning the crowd.
"Wow this is excitinh! Someday i"ll be just like you!"
Mike was 27 and i was only 18.
" first thing about being a spy is trust no one but yourself and keep your eyes open and never play by the rules thats how we stay ahead of the game" mike smiled at me.
" you can trust me! Were family" i gushed.
" yea only trust your family but sometimes people aren"t what they seem" referring to our mom who cheated on our dad and threatned to send us away if we told anyone.
I adored my brother he was everything i wanted to be he had a cool job spying, was smart , great at sports and was the strong one in my family .
"BOOM!!!!" Everything seemed to go in slow motion. I turned to see Mike lying helplessly on the ground. I big pool of blood was forming around his head. I fell down to my knees. Quickly pulling out my phone to dial 911. I turn around and see a girl with blonde hair . Pull up her hood looking straight at me. Left and right people were screaming and pushing each other to get to an exit.
All she did was smile at me and just like that she was gone. I turned back to mike . Tears streamed down my face. When the ambulance arrivied it was to late Mike was dead. I was all alone. I swore i was going to make that girl pay"
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