Jorden was decribed as one word complicated. Her longest boyfriend only lasted a week . Stealing from stores lying to friends was her regular life . Living with a mom who never comes home you have to lift your own weight . But everything changes when Angel comes.

Angel is perfect. But how can someone so innocent be so sinister. Being a spy for the wrong side at the wrong time can have deadly consquences espacially for someone so evil as Angel.

Chris has been hunting Angel for almost a year now. Being a spy for the WBXX has more risks than he ever imagined . Will finding Angel solve All his anwser?


5. It begins


I flinched as i looked up from my computer screen. It was nearly mid night. I had school tommorrow and my eyes were getting heavy. I rolled out of the chair. I slowly walked to the old wooden door. I unlocked it very slowly. But when i swung the door open but when i opened it there was no one there. I peeped my head out. The warm winds pushed liter through the streets. The moon shined bright . The stars twinkled . I looked down and saw a black brief case. With a black lock on the side. I turned my head left to right no one was there. I quickly grabbed the brief case from the metal handle. As i shut the door slowly i thought i saw a dark shadow move from the fence. But when i turned to look at it. It was gone

I quickly went to the small worn down kitchen table. I was curious to see what was in the case. I truned the black lock over and on the back was the combo. I quickly turned the lock to the right numbers and the lock was open. I carefully removed the lock from the case. I opened the case with carefulness. "TOO JORDAN TURNWOOD " " well it is for me" i whispered to myself. I opened the folder and inside where forms for some fancy acadmey called ASA. In bold gold leaders it was spralled across the page. Weird. I flipped through the pages it didn"t say whold it was from. But then on tiny letters on the back of the folder " from mom" it was in her messy small handwriting. Great i thought ! My mom was sending me away to a boarding school! I didn"t bother to read the thick packet about the acdemy. My mom was trying to send me away again. I combed my fingers through my curls.
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