Jorden was decribed as one word complicated. Her longest boyfriend only lasted a week . Stealing from stores lying to friends was her regular life . Living with a mom who never comes home you have to lift your own weight . But everything changes when Angel comes.

Angel is perfect. But how can someone so innocent be so sinister. Being a spy for the wrong side at the wrong time can have deadly consquences espacially for someone so evil as Angel.

Chris has been hunting Angel for almost a year now. Being a spy for the WBXX has more risks than he ever imagined . Will finding Angel solve All his anwser?


7. I dont like this place


i followed the address for  ASA. It was a tall brick building that could of been a huanted house. I marched up the stone stairs and pushed open the wooden door. The first thing i heard was  some man screaming "YOU ARE THE WORST STUDENT I HAVE EVER TAUGHT!!!!" I peered into the room were the yelling was coming from and i saw a huge buff guy raise his hand to slap a 10 year old buy. I was horrified. Before i realised i was moving toward the  student that was going to get hit. "WHAT THE HELL??? YOU CAN"T HIT A STUDENT!" I screamed all the other kids were looking at me in shock. " are you Jorden Turnwood" his nostrails flaring . " yes" i said standing my ground as he walked up to me . He grabbed my wrist tight and dragged my out of the room. "Let go!" I screech but his grip was too tight. I wonderedwere he was taking me. We were going down a dim lit hallway to a metal door with spikes around it. He entered a passcode then when the door opened with a huge creak he threw me in

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