Jorden was decribed as one word complicated. Her longest boyfriend only lasted a week . Stealing from stores lying to friends was her regular life . Living with a mom who never comes home you have to lift your own weight . But everything changes when Angel comes.

Angel is perfect. But how can someone so innocent be so sinister. Being a spy for the wrong side at the wrong time can have deadly consquences espacially for someone so evil as Angel.

Chris has been hunting Angel for almost a year now. Being a spy for the WBXX has more risks than he ever imagined . Will finding Angel solve All his anwser?


1. HeartBreaker

" max i think we need some time away from each other" i twirled my curly hair with my finger. I stared up at my bedroom ceiling waiting for his reply.
" wait so thats it!?! We"ve been dating for a week and two days and your done?"
" yea" i was bored. He was boring .
" i knew i shouldn"t of asked you out. I should of listened to my friends when they said that you were a-"
" what! What did they say" i stood straight up on my bed . My voice turning to a yell " there just like eveyone else in this town Jorden the slut , Jorden the heartbreaker!"
" i wasn"t going to say that . They said you just weren"t good for me! "
I hung up and threw my flip phone across the room . It was 11pm and my mom was still not home as usual . What ever.
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