Last goodbyes

Helen is a very un fortunate girl. She was adopted at the age of 5, with both her parents dead she has to fend for herself. He wicked Aunt, who has adopted her, doesn't care. She's said many good byes in her life, but this one could be the worst. Will she have a happy ending or will it be awful as always?
Follow her journey as she tries to get her dream guy, find a new home and get her happy ending.


2. a pot of luck


Dear diary-

Today i got chose to partner up with my crush, Liam Payne. We have to design a project again animal cruelty. He's so funny and we started talking and i think he likes me. After 3 period he walked me to English. He's so sweet and dreamy. Maybe this is my chance for a bit of luck. I'm going round his later to work on our project. I'm so excited.

Okay diary, it was amazing at his, we didn't even work on the project we just talked, i told him i like him, and guess what HE LIKES ME TOO! we're kinda an 'item' now, he kissed on the lips when he dropped me off at my door step. It was like heaven, for a minute all the bad things disappeared out my mind. He's adorable.

Dear diary-

Today at school Liam told everyone he's dating me, they all laughed. But he stood up for me and kissed me in front of everyone. All the popular girl are now talking to me and have my number. i cant believe it. Plus me and my Aunt had a moment we both sat and talked about mum and dad. Good memorise though. Then i told her that I'm dating Liam she was really happy. Everything seems to be turning round.

Dear diary-

This week just gets better and better. suddenly everyone wants to be friends with me. I love life at the minute. 

I'll talk later, i'm off to meet Liam and Chanelle.


*A year past*

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