Last goodbyes

Helen is a very un fortunate girl. She was adopted at the age of 5, with both her parents dead she has to fend for herself. He wicked Aunt, who has adopted her, doesn't care. She's said many good byes in her life, but this one could be the worst. Will she have a happy ending or will it be awful as always?
Follow her journey as she tries to get her dream guy, find a new home and get her happy ending.


1. 7 years

Dear diary-

Its been 7 years today since my parents died in the horrific car accident. My Aunt won't even take me to the cemetery. I'm  too scared to go myself, you know, cemetery's have that strange atmosphere. It scares me. I miss them so much. Anyway, let me tell you abit about myself. I am a 13 year old girl, i am a orphan but i guess i'm not classed as an orphan now cause my Aunt's adopted me, well she was my god mother so she had no choice. I feel like she don't even want me, she does hit me if do something bad, she does shout and she is a alcoholic. I'm always on my own at school, i dont have anyone. I really like this guy, but he'll never notice me. When i was 5 both my parents died, i lived in the uk and was put into foster care for 3 years, the they got hold of my Aunt and she agreed to have me, so i moved to america and left all my friends. After a year my Aunt decided she had enough of America and move back to the uk. But i didn't get to see my friends from before. Afew weeks after we moved back my Aunts mum died, my Nanna. That when she lost it and turned to alcohol. You see, diary, I'm not very lucky and you're my old friend. I'll talk to you tomorrow, got to get ready for school tomorrow.


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