The Lost World

Lisa and her little brother Finn, live in and ordinary house 2 miles away from the village they go to school in, the house is by the side of a muddy track and is perched on the very edge of an ancient forest. Some say it's haunted. But Lisa knows better. Her brother is one of those children with the wildest imaginations and if he put his mind to it, he could do anything, so when he heard that the forest was supposedly haunted, he would stop at nothing to find out. Once inside they found something that would change there lives forever.


3. Twisting, turning vines

Lisa awoke in a small, uncomfortable bed in the corner of a dusty old room. She rolled over, rubbing her puffy eyes. Finns snoring rose gently from the bed opposite, spiraling sleepily across the room to her twin sized bed. A tiny groan escaped her lips as she remembered once again that she wasn't at home. Although Lisa had been living in the big old house for a few weeks now, she had not once called it home. Not since that first night when she camped out in the car and Chris had carried her to the house when she fell asleep. 

Lisa snaked her feet out from under her duvet and padded to the wooden door. A decadent carving spiralled it's way up the frame and she traced fingers over it before heading downstairs. As she turned to quietly shut the door behind her, she heard someone whispering. "Finn, are you up?" There was no reply. Assuming it was just Finn murmuring in his sleep Lisa went to turn around again but something caught her eye: a small arrow shaped horn and a pointed ear was embedded in the carvings. Usually she wouldn't have noticed something as small as this but she remembered her mum talking about the carvings and when they had looked earlier, it definitely wasn't there. The wooden vines around the addition the the frame seemed to be twisting and turnand writhing against the tine horn. Her breathing quickened and she stumble backwards, tripping over her foot and toppling to the ground.

The whispering started again and this time she could hear what it was saying. However, the sounds that seemed to be coming from the walls weren't English, they were in some elaborate language that she had never heard before.

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