The Lost World

Lisa and her little brother Finn, live in and ordinary house 2 miles away from the village they go to school in, the house is by the side of a muddy track and is perched on the very edge of an ancient forest. Some say it's haunted. But Lisa knows better. Her brother is one of those children with the wildest imaginations and if he put his mind to it, he could do anything, so when he heard that the forest was supposedly haunted, he would stop at nothing to find out. Once inside they found something that would change there lives forever.


2. The Move

"But mum, I didn't even want to leave in the first place!" yelled Lisa from the back seat. "I know but that doesn't mean you are allowed to hit your brother for being excited about the new house." replied her mum in a stern voice. Lisa had short wavy hair that came down to just below her ears, and a cute button nose which had been screwed up in annoyance with her family - or just her life - ever since her mum had told her that they would be moving into the country side. She was 14 and had a tall, curvy frame which was always slouched over and hidden by her folded arms. She glared at the passing scenery which her brother and mother both stared at in admiration. "Can I at least have the bigger room?" she asked self apologetically. "oh... sorry," Ruth, Lisa's mother gasped "I forgot to tell you... um ... well... you and your brother are sharing a room." she blurted the last part. Lisa's eyes widened in horror as her mother look nervously at what her reaction would be. "WHAT!" yelled Lisa at the top of her voice and her mum sighed, knowing they were in for a hard day.


Lisa had been blurting arguments at her parents and whinging and whining the whole way there. 3 and a half hours. Until finally the up-until-presently silent father, Chris, announce chirpily that they had arrived at their destination. Lisa's mother sighed as a cacophony of noise erupted from the back seat, exclamations of joy and excitement from Lisa's brother Finn, and yells of horror and dread from the sulking teenager beside him. The house was by the side of a mud track instead of a road and was perched on the very edge of an ancient, dense forest. " How will I survive? No neighbours, no shops, no... ANYTHING for MILES!" That was Lisa. "Whoa, look at that woods, oh my gosh, this is going to be great!" That was Finn. He was out of the car and jumping up and down on the spot before anyone could say anything. Ruth and Chris got out of the car with exhausted expressions and trudged toward the house, hand in hand.


'omg this place is torture! Save me! Xxx' Lisa sat in the backseat of the car, sulking. "I'm not coming in, you can't make me." She had stated when her mother asked her to come inside. And she had been sitting there ever since, texting, listening to loud pop music and feeling sorry for herself. But it was starting to get dark and, even though she knew there was nothing to worry about, she decided to go inside. She gathered her things and ran to the front door. 

Once she was inside, she headed straight upstairs to her room. However, when she found Finn in there, unpacking his toys, she turned around and stomped all the way downstairs, out the door and back into the car. She was going to stay there until someone took her home.

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