The Lost World

Lisa and her little brother Finn, live in and ordinary house 2 miles away from the village they go to school in, the house is by the side of a muddy track and is perched on the very edge of an ancient forest. Some say it's haunted. But Lisa knows better. Her brother is one of those children with the wildest imaginations and if he put his mind to it, he could do anything, so when he heard that the forest was supposedly haunted, he would stop at nothing to find out. Once inside they found something that would change there lives forever.


1. Prologue

(1500 years ago)

"Hurry," yelled a frantic looking nurse, "Hurry, we need to get up there before-" She stopped running as everyone behind her skidded to a stop as well. "Ssssshhhhh" whispered the nurse, Marigold. She was a plump stocky woman with olive skin and dark wispy hair which was falling down in long strands from her complicated up do. Her features were as ordinary as anyone else in this city: small horns sprouting from just above her ears with a pointed arrow shape at the end and long pointed ears growing horizontally out of her flushed face. The city in which Marigold and everyone else like her lived, was carved into the edge of a cliff, the rock was dark and rich in minerals, it wasn't a huge city, but it housed most of the population of the elves.

Marigold had stopped, inches away from the wooden door in front of her, and was listening carefully as she was sure she had heard something. Yes, there is was again, the tiny cry of a baby. "We missed it" sighed someone from the crowd behind Marigold. Yes, they had missed the first baby elf being born in nearly 100 years. Elves lived an extremely long time, but even so, the disease was spreading, and if they didn't find a cure soon, no-one would be able to reproduce and eventually, the entire population of the elves would disappear.

Marigold pushed open the heavy wooden door and looked across the room to where Scarlet, the last elf without the terrible disease, and her beautiful baby girl. The tiny girl had her giant, blue eyes fixed on her mothers face as her tiny auburn curls fluttered in the slight breeze. Her horns were not yet even half grown, they were just tiny stumps just above her soft ears. Scarlet, named after her bright red hair, was whispering lovingly at the gorgeous little girl. She glance at the door and jumped when she saw marigold standing in the doorway, transfixed on the two of them. "Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you" Marigold exclaimed, but Scarlet just smiled weakly and waved her over. "What's her name" Marigold whispered, still staring at the baby. The reply that came was no more than a breath of wind in a silent forest, "Allyria."

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