Sarah is nothing but mean to Madison until she meets Niall Horan. Madison forgets all about Sarah and her small town little country life to move in with Niall and his band mates to see whats in store for her…Will she have finally found true love?where she belongs? or Will her fate go back to before One Direction?


1. Our eyes first met>>>

It was the day i have been waiting for since the third grade. Today is the day i meet one direction. "Wear something cute"Sarah Said to me whilst e being in the closet fresh out of the shower."Who knows Niall might Love you?" Yea Like I'm even pretty " i replied sarcastically. I was ready in 1 hour and 30 minutes. I wore a White lace dress with a skinny brown belt to accent my curves.I curled my hair…. Natural but tamed. I felt beautiful.Something i have been craving to feel since forever ago. "make sure you cover up your scars."Sarah whispered."i don't want anyone to find out you do that" She has been so rude lately. I got into the car facing the 6 hour drive aead to the center. On the way i thought"Sarah has ben nothing but mean to me since i told her i cut…Bitch told everyone i cut just to be prom queen…Why am i friends with her? i don't really know anymore."I gave the ticket master my tickets and 2 guards showed me to my seat. Front row directly in the middle. The boys are sure to see me up here!! Before i knew it the concert was starting.*Over the loudspeaker* "and welcome OOOONNNNNNNEEEEE DDDIIIRRREEECCCTTTTIIIOOOONNN!!!!!!!!!!!" everyone started screaming and shouting their favorite members names.Not me. I stood not making a move. Eyes locked with Niall's. He whispered into Liam's ear something that was beyond my comprehension.Everything was eye contact with Niall the entire concert until i felt a tug on the sleeve of my dress. It was security…..

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