Let the Rain Fall

She was lost in the vast known world of Earth. Abandoned at age fourteen. Walked the streets of New York hoping for some kind of escape. She stayed that way for a whole three years; someway hoping that some soul would help her onto her feet. No one ever did. Once, realizing that the world was cruel place she gave up. She turned her back and forgot what true love meant. That is until someone shows her what true love is again.


1. Prologue

       I hated my life. This world simply threw me in and once my parents got tired of seeing me I got threw out. My stupid mother was a drug dealer, now. At least that was what I heard but, of course I could never be for sure. The streets were bad in New York; everyone always had something to be mad about. For me, I just wanted a family or someone who would love me, but that dream was lost. Love didn't exist anymore, love was just something people forgot about. No one uses the word love, hate is only one word away from killing the country.

"Hey Joe" I was uneasy around people, scared they might hurt me or say something rude and walk away. Joe was nice, though; he was homeless like myself. Ever since I was fourteen he had came and sat with me on the sidewalk trying his best to cheer me up. Somehow, he always got a few smiles to form on my face and a few giggles which made me like him even more. The bad part is he couldn't do it anymore, you learn that if you laugh or smile at what people say, most likely they're going to hurt you in the end.

"Hey Kristi," he said in his rough scratchy voice. Poor man he was an elderly man in his fifties, shuffiling around he made his way next to me sitting down, "how's the day been?" he nodded his head towards my cup.

"Two dollars," I said with a long sigh and a pause,"want to split it?"

"No, you keep it hun. I just had some soup down at the kitchen. That lady-"

"Joe, is there love- well I mean does it exist anymore- no I guess I mean do you feel love?" I was studdering, trying to comprehend and put my wods together. He stared at me for a moment.

"Well, love is hard to describe but, f your asking me if I feel love for someone or just anyone. Then, yes I do. Ever since you were fourteen, I have loved you. I think of you as my child, as my own daughter. Your a remarkable lady and everyday I grow more and more found of you. I don't mean to be rude but, I hope you never leave me." his eyes were the slightest bit' cold and watery. I couldn't resist hugging the old man, so I did so, carefully.

"I won't leave you, and if I ever did leave then, your coming too. I-I love y-you too." I was shocked by my own words, the last time I remember saying those three words was when I was fourteen, the day before they left me. I wanted a different kind of love, though. I wanted to be in love with a man, with a man my age.


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