Magic Love

Rachel Hart was a normal girl. She's keeps to herself and her only friend, Kristy. She believes in magic. Magic and love. A tragic situation that happened a few months before has caused her to lose herself. She's lost all her friends except Kristy, and is losing grip on reality. This is until she meets a new kid, Liam. Her world is turned upside down, when Liam has a secret that he doesn't ever want to recover again. Together, they learn magic, love, secrets and death. Will both of their past's bring them closer? Or tear then apart?


6. #6

Fin bought me this.  He thought it would help me get through this 'time'.  I want to write everything down, scream it out to the world.  But no one would ever EVER believe me.  I will write what happened eventually, but trust has to be earned doesn't it?  I know I'm talking to a book, but you're the only person other than Kristy, Fin and my Aunt for the last 3 months.  Actually, that's not true...
I met this guy today.  Liam.  He's really nice, I mean so are all my other guy friends, but he's different.  A good different. :)  But I made a mistake talking to him.  I promised Fin and myself that I wouldn't talk to anyone I hadn't met before the accident.  So far, I have ignored about 5 people.  Until now.
I couldn't stop thinking about him all day.  Then I pretened I didn't know him this arvo.  WHat's wrong with me?  Why can't I just turn back time?  Stop it from happening.  Stop everything.

If I could have one wish...I'd wish that I'd never uncovered that secret.  Nevery stuck my nose in other people's business.  Especially them.

I wish.

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