Magic Love

Rachel Hart was a normal girl. She's keeps to herself and her only friend, Kristy. She believes in magic. Magic and love. A tragic situation that happened a few months before has caused her to lose herself. She's lost all her friends except Kristy, and is losing grip on reality. This is until she meets a new kid, Liam. Her world is turned upside down, when Liam has a secret that he doesn't ever want to recover again. Together, they learn magic, love, secrets and death. Will both of their past's bring them closer? Or tear then apart?


5. #5


What are you doing Rachel?!  Don't talk to anyone you don't fully trust!  You promised.  No one after the accident, but what do you do?  Go and talk to him.  Liam.


But there's something different about him.  He doesn't think less of me.  Does he?

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