Magic Love

Rachel Hart was a normal girl. She's keeps to herself and her only friend, Kristy. She believes in magic. Magic and love. A tragic situation that happened a few months before has caused her to lose herself. She's lost all her friends except Kristy, and is losing grip on reality. This is until she meets a new kid, Liam. Her world is turned upside down, when Liam has a secret that he doesn't ever want to recover again. Together, they learn magic, love, secrets and death. Will both of their past's bring them closer? Or tear then apart?


4. #4


The whole day went by as a blur.  My mind was just filling with Rachel.  She was so hot.  All I could think about was her.  I really hope I will talk to her again.
I walked toward my car and spotted Kristy walking to her car.  I met Kristy in third period.  She's pretty hot aswell, but I think Hunter's already there.  I quickly looked around for Rachel but I couldn't see her.  I chucked my bag onto the passenger seat and shut the door.  I walked over to Kristy as she was getting in the driver's seat.
'Hey,' I said.
She looked up shocked.
'Hey!' she said. 'What's up?'
'Uhh, I was wondering if you'd seen Rachel?' I asked. 'I haven't seen or talked to her since this morning.'
'Yeah, I'm taking her ho--- Wait..what!?' she asked. 'You talked to her?'
'Yeah, uhh, is that OK?' I said.
'Oh yeah yeah it's fine, but I can barely get two words out of her, let alone a full sentence!' she said.
'Really?' I asked. 'Why?'
Her smile disappeared, which I guess people don't see too often.
'I can't tell you,' she said. 'Sorry.'
'Nah it's fine,' I replied.
Just as I said that, Rachel walked passed me and got into the car.  She didn't look at me once, she smiled at Kristy, but then looked at phone.
'Hey Rachel,' I said.
She slowly looked up, then quickly looked back down.
'It's Liam, the new guy?' I said. 'You were rude to me?'
She looked back up at me again, but she slowly shook her head.  I looked confusingly at her.  Doesn't she remember me?  Geez, it was only this morning.
'Umm, ok well, bye Kristy...Rachel,' I said.
I walked back to my car and turned the egnition on.  What?

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