Magic Love

Rachel Hart was a normal girl. She's keeps to herself and her only friend, Kristy. She believes in magic. Magic and love. A tragic situation that happened a few months before has caused her to lose herself. She's lost all her friends except Kristy, and is losing grip on reality. This is until she meets a new kid, Liam. Her world is turned upside down, when Liam has a secret that he doesn't ever want to recover again. Together, they learn magic, love, secrets and death. Will both of their past's bring them closer? Or tear then apart?


3. #3



'Thanks again,' I said.
'Any time!' Kristy replied, bubbly as always.
I slowly leaned back into the leather seats.  They felt so cool on my fragile skin.  Great.  Another day of school at stupid Westfield Lake High.


It was slightly raining by the time we got to the school courtyard, but I didn't mind.  I liked rain.  Rain makes me feel calm.  When slowly walking up towards the front of the school, I noticed someone.  Someone I'd never seen before.  A guy.  It's weird how I noticed him, because I don't even notice myself most of the time.  I lifted my hand and pointed to this stranger.  I'm not the type of person to talk much, let alone move many muscles, so the lifting of my hand came as a surprise to Kristy.
'Oh!' she said surprised obviously.
She traced my skinny white hand from my wrist, down my boney finger, across the courtyard, to this strangers figure.
'That's Liam. He's new. Cute hey,' she said.
I put my arm down, back in its home, in my hoodie pocket.
'Hmm yeah,' I replied.
My bag hit my thigh as I walked to my class.  I was too numb to feel it though.  I walked passed my favourite tree.  The Evergreen tree, the one my mother was named after.  I sat down in my usual spot in the back row.  No one sits next to me, or even near me.  As usual.  While looking at a leaf i picked from the Evergreen tree, I saw a shadow sit down next to me.  I keep looking at the leaf, just thinking it was some idiot trying to make me pissed.  The person put their bag onto the table and bumping my arm, causing me to drop the leaf.
'Do you mind!?' I said.
I looked up to see the new guy.  What was his name again?  Oh I don't even care.
'Sorry,' he replied.
He picked up the leaf and gave it to me.
'I'm Liam by the way,' he said.
'And I care why?' I replied.
He smirked at me.
'I'm not expecting you to,' he said.
'Good,' I replied, shoving the leaf in my bag.
'So, What's your name?' he asked.
I turned to him.  'Rachel,' I said.
'No I don't actually care, I just wanted to asked you,' he said.
'Rude much?' I said.
'Only returning the favour,' he said smiling.

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