Magic Love

Rachel Hart was a normal girl. She's keeps to herself and her only friend, Kristy. She believes in magic. Magic and love. A tragic situation that happened a few months before has caused her to lose herself. She's lost all her friends except Kristy, and is losing grip on reality. This is until she meets a new kid, Liam. Her world is turned upside down, when Liam has a secret that he doesn't ever want to recover again. Together, they learn magic, love, secrets and death. Will both of their past's bring them closer? Or tear then apart?


2. #2

I placed the journal my mother gave me onto the hardwood dresser.  The vinal front cover was a dark brown.  My fathers handwriting was noticable on the front, it said, 'Believe in Magic Love, and you will find your way home.'

I loved my father, he told me stories about magic and witches.  He said that he had tried spells in the past, but he never said if they worked or not.  One question that never got answered.

I lived with my brother, Fin, and my Aunt Kaylee.  I went to Westfield Lake High with my best friend, Kristy.  I don't really do much in a day anymore, wake up, go to school, come home, sleep.  Wake up, go to school, come home, sleep.  Wake up, go to school, come home, sleep.  Over and over again.  After my parents passed, my Aunt Kaylee came to look after us.  We didn't know her but apparently her and my mum were really close.  Weird? My mum never said anything about an Aunt Kaylee, or even that I had an Aunt for that fact.

I sat back onto to my bed and checked my phone.  Two messages.  I opened the messages to see one was from Kristy, and the other, from Fin.
Kristy: 'Hey bub, wat time tomoro?'
Kristy was picking me up tomorrow for school, I would drive Fin's car but he was working tomorrow.  I replied 'Bout 8:15 :)'.  I then looked at the other message from Fin.
Fin: 'Home late tonite, dont stay up x'.
I figured I didn't really need to text back to that, so I didn't.  I pressed a button on my clock to make it light up, it was 11:09.  Erghh, better actually try to sleep tonight.  Not that that will ever happen again.


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