A Sad Beautiful Tragic Love Affair

They say that you don't know what you got until it's gone. but the truth is you know what you had, you just never thought you would lose it.

The memories haunts, they just come screaming at me in flashbacks..... -Niall Horan

I remember everything but the cruelest thing of all is wondering if he moved on. - Vyvonne Lopez

I can't be happy..... it's impossible at this point -Niall Horan

Then he found me.. i can't decide if either keeping him or losing him will hurt more... -Vyvonne Lopez


2. The Interview

II. The Interview

                “Hey mate gets fast we're going to be late.” the curly haired entered his room. He was getting ready for the interview. He was wearing chinos, green T-shirt top with a gray hoodie and a canvas shoe.

 “I’m all set mate” He said to the curly haired guy

“ok then let’s go.” they went straight to the lobby to meet the other boys. There are a lot of fans waiting for them outside the hotel. The place was familiar to him. He feels like he’s been there before but he can’t remember. Securities are kept on controlling the fans.


They were in a tinted black van.

Niall can I talk to you?” a big man said.

 “Yes sure” he nodded. He was looking straight into the eyes of the man he was talking to.

 “Do you trust me?” Paul said.

 “Yes I do, why wouldn’t I? He said to the big man. 

“Good, as we all know the fans didn’t know that you have amnesia, so please pretend that you know everything. If the interviewer asked you questions that you don’t remember just stay quiet the boys will help you to cover up things you didn’t know.” He nodded, he feels like he was not ready to be interviewed. He was nervous.

 “Ok Paul. Thanks for reminding me man.” he tapped Paul’s shoulder.



                They were in a studio with the interviewer; they were sitting in a large coach and he was in the middle. His palms are sweating and his hand is shaking. He was too nervous, after the accident it’s his first time to say something in the public. Management forbids him to get interviewed about the accident.  

“Hello. Welcome to the Today’s Show I am Thomas Smith and our guest for today is the world’s hottest boy band in the world called..... One Direction. So guys introduced yourselves to the public”

"Hi were One Direction” They said in chorus. 

“I’m Liam” he raised his hands.

 “I’m Zayn” waving his hands to the fans, their fans are screaming wildly. 

“I’m Niall” he looked at the interviewer 

“I’m Harry”

“I am Louis”

“Are you guys have girlfriends?” the interviewer asked them.

 “I have a girlfriend” Liam raised his hands

 “I have a good and loving girlfriend” Zayn said while looking at the interviewer. 

“Me too” Louis said “I’m single and ready to mingle” Harry said and the crowd goes wild. He didn’t know what to answer so he remained quiet. He was also confused if he has a girlfriend. The crowd was waiting for his answer; there was a moment of silence. He was waiting for the boys to cover him up 

“So Niall do you have a girlfriend?” the interviewer decided to ask him again.

“I.....”. He was looking at Liam and Liam look at him and look for the other boys they were staring each other.  He wasn’t so sure if he had one. 

“- Don’t have.” He continues answering the interviewer.

The crowd goes noisy. He looked at them, he can see that the crowd was confused about what he had answered awhile go. He looked at Liam and the other boys but their eyes were focused on the interviewer.

 “Niall how are you, as we all know that you had a car accident is you feeling ok now? The interviewer asked him.

“Yes I’m definitely ok now. I want to take this opportunity to thank those fans who have prayed for me.” He said

After the interview many the paparazzi keep on bugging them especially Niall they continue on throwing questions that he doesn’t understand. The other boys are busy checking their phone and tweets. The fans are kept on questioning the other lads.



                They are in their Hotel; Niall is on Zayn’s room. They are currently watching the replay of their interview a while ago.

Mate your phone is kept on ringing why you don’t answer it?” Niall said to Zayn. 

”It doesn’t matter mate, just don’t mind It.”, looking straight at the television screen.

 “-But your girlfriend is calling did you have a fight with her?” he was munching some crisps and chips. 

“No we don’t, just for a while I’ll take this call” he stood up and when on his bedroom and locked the door so Niall won’t able to hear what they’ve been talking to.

“Hello babe, what’s wrong?” he answered the phone. The girl is keeping on sniffing on the other line. He was worried something was wrong with his girl. He could feel that she is crying but he wasn’t so sure.

“Can you please tell me what’s going on with Niall? It seems like I don’t understand what he was up too. First he can’t remember me and then he denied to the whole public that he has no girlfriend. She is in a horrible condition now she doesn’t deserve to be treated that way?”he could sense that the girl is angry, there’s a moment of silence before he answered.

“Calm down babe, he doesn’t know what’s going on-“as much he wanted to wipe the tears on his girlfriend’s face he can’t they are too far from each other.

 “What do you mean?” she said with a hard tone, he not mad at his boyfriend, he not mad at Niall or everybody, but she pity her best friend, she doesn’t deserve to be in that kind of situation.

 “He has amnesia, he forgot about you and especially her.” He said

“Is not fair, She in a horrible state and he doesn’t remember anything about her. She shouldn’t be the one suffering with this condition. She almost breaks down again, but she was fighting, I know she was fighting in her condition.” She knows that her best friend is fighting on her condition; she has a lot of faith in her.

“Hush now I and the boys will visit her as soon as we go back in London.” He gives his guarantee to his girlfriend. Vyvonne was so close to all of them.

“Ok babe I love you.” “I love you more” then he hangs up the phone.


He went back to Niall, noticed that this mate is staring blankly at the television screen.

 “Hey mate you ok?” he looked at him and shrugged his shoulders. 

“Mate whose Vyvonne?” whilst staring at the screen 

“Why mate?” he asked him. He wanted to tell Niall the truth but he can’t the management won’t allow them. He was also concerned with Vyvonne; his girlfriend was right in the first place she shouldn’t be suffering in their situation. They were the witness of their love. Vyvonne loves Niall so much they are both madly in love with each other. Niall’s eyes were filled with so much happiness whenever Vyvonne was beside him. 

“Is she my girlfriend?” he looks at Zayn and his eyes were longing for an answer, he badly wants to know the truth. If Vyvonne was his girlfriend why he can’t remember anything about her? Why she’s not here? Why is she not showing up? So many questions are running in this mind. 

“Vyvonne is our friend. . .” He said a half lie to Niall. He was protecting her, from the press, from the management, and from Niall. He doesn’t want Niall to see Vyvonne on that kind of situation and also he didn’t want Niall to question Vyvonne of what they had in the past. 

“Oh I see a friend? Why did the media keep on linking us together?” he was puzzled. If she was her friend why does the press keep on saying that they are being together? He feels like Zayn is hiding something on him as well as the other lads and the management too. He wanted to fly to Ireland and asked his mom if she knows something, but due to hectic schedule he can’t. If the boys won’t help him to remember he will do it himself.

 “Mate, don’t stress yourself thinking, all you have to do is to deal with your situation and act like you know everything, you’ll remember things one at a time. And if not... then will make a new one. Right? It’s kind of late and I’m sleepy now. Goodnight,” he turns off the TV and picked his phone

 “Goodnight mate I’ll go to my room now” he said his goodbye and went to his room.



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