A Sad Beautiful Tragic Love Affair

They say that you don't know what you got until it's gone. but the truth is you know what you had, you just never thought you would lose it.

The memories haunts, they just come screaming at me in flashbacks..... -Niall Horan

I remember everything but the cruelest thing of all is wondering if he moved on. - Vyvonne Lopez

I can't be happy..... it's impossible at this point -Niall Horan

Then he found me.. i can't decide if either keeping him or losing him will hurt more... -Vyvonne Lopez


3. tell me a lie

III. Tell me a Lie.

                He was with her; they were sitting under a tree. The wind was calm and the sky was in perfect blue. He was looking at those black sparkling eyes that filled with so much joy and love.  Thank you babe this is beautiful.” She was holding something in her hands. “I’m glad you like it, I kept on asking the boys what will be the perfect gift for your birthday.” He was holding the right hand of the girl whilst leaning on the tree, “you don’t have to put so much effort in buying me presents, I already got you. That’s enough” The girl said whilst looking at those blue eyes. He cupped the girl’s face and seals her with a kiss..

He woke up in the middle of the night. Everything in his dreams was so clear except of the girl’s face. All he could picture out was the girl has a long curly black hair with some dip-dye of brown and red on it, she was wearing a blue dress. He tried to recall the face of the girl but it was in a vague picture again. He stood up in his bed to get something to drink then gets his jacket and beanie and went outside the hotel. He kept on walking and walking he didn’t know where to go, it’s like his feet have its own mentality. Every place that he passed by seems so familiar to him, it’s like he’s been there before but he can’t even remember anything... he kept on walking until he reach the park. He sat on the bench and look around. He feels like his head is breaking, he can feel so much pain, he can’t endure it anymore. He holds his forehead and flashbacks of his dreams a while ago are haunting him. He looked at the whole place and realized that it was exactly the place where his dreams happened; he was under the tree sitting with that girl and he was happy with her, but who’s that girl?

He sat under the tree maybe in that way he could recall those memories that haunt him in his dreams, but he couldn’t remember a single thing. He stood up and decided to go back to the hotel, at least he found out some clue that could help in getting back his memories. There’s a lot of hope in his heart that someday he’ll remember everything. He took the cab so that he could quickly go back to the hotel, if the management learns that he escaped the hotel they will surely get angry.


                It’s their last day in New York City; they are too busy in the autograph signing for their album. They were sitting at a long table and their fans are screaming wildly.

“Mate you ok? Liam asked him. 

“Yeah I’m just tired and you know... hungry!”  He put up a weak smile. He couldn’t believe that they were too famous now as in a way.... Way.... Famous for what he could remember. He feels so blessed because their group has reached so far now. Before the X factor he was just a simple Irish boy who loves to sing and play his guitar.

 “Where were you last night?” The black boy whispered in his ears.

 “I went outside the hotel to breathe some fresh air. Mate I always dreamt of that girl and I hate it because she keeps on haunting me in my dreams, she keeps on bugging me." he looks at Zayn, and Zayn looked to the Irish lad,

 "Every time I've dreamt of her. I can see that I am so happy with her and as well as she is to me. I wanted to know her. I wanted to also feel the same way in my dreams. I want to be happy. I want to remember everything. It feels like I am being unfair to that girl in my dreams. It feels like I am being selfish." Zayn was shocked on Niall said to him. He wanted to help that lad to remember Vyvonne but how? 

"Mate, I want to help you to remember everything, but we can't force it, we should wait. It can harm you. Let's just go with the flow." Zayn said to the Irish guy




     "How was she?" Liam asked Zayn; they were in their private jet heading back to London. Niall Louis and Harry were sleeping. 

"She isn't progressing mate" he gives Liam a weaker smile she pity his girlfriend's best friend. "Did Niall remember her?" he said whilst drinking a beer.

 "He doesn’t, he keeps on telling me that he was dreaming of a girl, but he can't recognize her face." He looks at the window and brushes his hair with his fingers. 

"Can we visit her?" Liam said

"Mate we can't, the media might follow us. Anna is updating me of her condition."

"Can we do something to help her?"

"We have to pray for her.. And have a lot of faith that she'll be better on her situation." He said whilst looking at Liam 

"I hoped so mate. I pity her, she saves Niall's life. The management should thank him but instead she was the one who's blaming about Niall's accident, she loves Niall so much. She's a strong girl she can make it through I have a lot of faith on her" Zayn nodded to him. If only he could do anything to make him remember he'll definitely do anything. He can see that his girlfriend is so much affect on what is happening with Vyvonne.

"Hey mate, I'm hungry boo bear is still sleeping" Louis said to them. 

"-Why are you two so serious? Is there something wrong?" He asked the two lads Zayn look at him. 

"Nothing mate" Liam said

"Mate, there's nothing to keep. I heard the two of you talking about her.  How was she? God I'm starting to hate Niall because he can't remember her...” Louis said with a hard tone. Of all the people on earth that he could forget why did he forget about the girl who really loves him the most? 

"Don't hate him mate I know he don't want to forget her. He wanted to remember her. I can feel it" Liam said to Louis. If Niall could just remember her things will be the same again but he can't they don't want to stressed Niall.  

"-But mate. . . She's suffering she shouldn't deserve this, it's been three weeks since the accident and she's still in the hospital fighting for her life while Niall can't remember any single detail about her. It's unfair." He was too worried about her. He was close to her. She's like a sister to him. 

"Calm yourself down mate. Niall might hear you." Zayn said to Louis.

 “It’s better if he will hear it, so that he’ll remember her, she needed Niall the most and yet he’s not there for her. He’s selfish mate.” Louis said his voice was filled with so much anger. 

“Boo bear why are you so noisy?” a husky voice said.

Nothing just goes back to sleep.” he was looking at Harry and Niall, the Irish lad was still in sleep. 

“You don’t have to blame him boo bear he’s also the victim in their situation, if you were in the shoes of Niall, you are probably acting like he was right now. If only we can tell Niall the whole truth-“ Harry said

“What truth Hazza?” the Irish lad said. They thought that Niall is still in his sleep. They look at each other. There’s a moment of silence before someone of his mate

“Argh! Hazza it should be a secret but you spill it to Niall.” Liam said whilst palming his face. 

“Then what is it?” he asked again.

“We have to tell Niall the truth” Louis said but Zayn widen his eyes to Louis. 

“We will going to surprise you--“Zayn said 

“Right were going to surprise you-“Liam was looking at Harry to cover up their lies to him, 

“Yeah we're planning to take you out to—“Harry said he looked to Zayn 

“-Nandos” Zayn said. 

“Really?” his face brightens 

“Yes! When we arrive in London we will go to Nandos, you can order anything.” Liam said. 

“Oh great! I will order all their food in their menu.” He said while clapping his hands. He’s acting like a kid. they are glad to see Niall smiling again eventhogh it's a lie


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