A Sad Beautiful Tragic Love Affair

They say that you don't know what you got until it's gone. but the truth is you know what you had, you just never thought you would lose it.

The memories haunts, they just come screaming at me in flashbacks..... -Niall Horan

I remember everything but the cruelest thing of all is wondering if he moved on. - Vyvonne Lopez

I can't be happy..... it's impossible at this point -Niall Horan

Then he found me.. i can't decide if either keeping him or losing him will hurt more... -Vyvonne Lopez


13. Infinity Sign

Nialler’s Point of View

 “Hubby… I miss you please… please remember me. I can’t take all the pain anymore, seeing you with her it’s like stabbing me to death… why can’t you remember me. I am your real girlfriend please listen to your heart”

“Niall why are you so mean to me… of all the people you could forgot why is it me”

“You don’t know how much I hate seeing you with her, Hubby please, please remember me...”  she’s bugging me. Vy’s words are running constantly through my mind. I can’t sleep. I badly want to talk to her. I badly want to ask her why did she say that. Damn, I am fucking confused.

“Hubby why are you still awake? Is there any problem?” Vyvonne said. She was lying on the bed.

“N-Nothing wifey, Come on let’s go back to sleep” I said then I kissed her in the forehead





“What’s in the gift?” The boy asked the whilst holding a box

“I knitted a beanie for you.” The girl said, then he opened the box and he saw a beanie

“This is beautiful oh wait I also have something for you,”  he took out a small box in his pocket. And place the ring on the girl’s finger

“This is beautiful Hubby, Thank you...” The ring was an infinity ring.

“Well I also have a letter for you so that you won’t miss me when I am on tour. I will give to you later.” He said with his gorgeous smile.

“Really? Thank you you’re such a sweet lad.” Then the girl kissed her on the lips


It’s been a week since the last time I saw Vy. It’s been a week that the girl in my dreams was chasing me again. I always dreamt of that girl almost every day. It was in a vague picture again. The girl’s voice was so familiar.

I closed my eyes. I was trying to figure out where did I heard that voice. “Niall why are you so mean to me…. Of all the people you could forget why is it me?” Suddenly Vy’s face was flashing back to my mind.

Why are they haunting me?

Hey hubby I need to tell you something” Vyvonne suddenly popped out from the bathroom.

“What is it?” I asked her. I was still lying on our bed. She went over the bed and gave me a white rectangular thing,

“Look at it hubby” she was smiling. I looked at the rectangular thing. It has a two red lines on it.

“What does the two lines means?” I asked her I am clueless on this thing,

“Silly” She chuckled “Hubby the two lines there means, positive” Positive? Positive of what?

“Ah… ok then what is this thing wifey?” I was so dead serious about that. I gave her a look that is saying what the heck is this thingy? Her eyes become wide and her expression was so priceless. She rolled her eyes

“Stop fooling around hubby, this is a pregnancy kit test and we’re having a baby” she jumps on me and hug me tight. We’re having a baby? I am confused. I should be happy with the thought that I am becoming a father but.. But.. Why I can’t? I can’t be happy now… it’s impossible at this point to be happy. How about Vy?



                The lads invited Vy and Anna to join on our tour. There’s a feeling inside me that I can’t hide, Excitement is the right word to be exact. Finally I am going to see her but there is a weighty feeling in my heart. I can’t explain this every time I am with Vyvonne I am always thinking of Vy. I felt like I am cheating with my girlfriend. The mere fact that she is always on my side but my mind was with Vy. Sometimes I wish that Vy was on my side.

I think I like Vy. No… No… No… this can’t be. I mentally slap my face. I have to stop this madness. Vyvonne and I were having a baby. I am going to be a father now. I am trying so hard to convince myself. I should be happy and contended, I should stick with Vyvonne but I am confused. I love Vyvonne and our baby but... but… Argh! SHIT! I don’t know…


                We are on a beach house we decided to have a small beach party before we go on tour. I saw Vy with Anna and Harry. She was smiling. I love seeing her happy but I felt a bit of jealousy in my heart. Harry was putting that smile on her face. I feel like I should be on his place; the reason that Vy is smiling. Darn Niall what are thinking you are committed to someone and she also has a boyfriend.

As much as I want to talk to her but wifey was so clingy. She wants me to be always beside her. It’s been two days since we are on this beach house. I never had a chance to talk to Vy because wifey is being so sensitive. She was always crying and mad and I don’t know what she is up to. She was mad because I was looking at Vy, she was crying if she didn’t get what she wants. Girls will not be girls if they aren’t moody. I understand her because she was pregnant and emotional. About her pregnancy I didn’t tell anybody we are the only one who knows it for now. I can’t tell them I’m afraid I might hurt someone else.



                While wifey is sleeping peacefully in our room, I decide to talk a walk outside. I saw Vy sitting on the sand doing something. I went near her to see what she’s up to, she has a sketch pad on her hand. She was sketching the entire view of the beach. It was beautiful. It was so realistic. I sit beside her but there’s a large dap between us. She didn’t noticed my presence. She was still busy sketching then suddenly she stop and tear the page that she drawn and crumple it.

“Why did you do that?” I said to her she looked at my direction but not looking at my eyes.

“N-Nothing” she was stammering. I was trying to look directly on her eyes but she looked away and fixed her gazed on the sand.

“May I see that?” I pointed at her sketch pad. She looked at me and and gave me her sketch pad. I was busy scanning every page of it. It contains different design of clothes, it was so beautiful Vy has that talent to design clothes. One thing caught my attention it is a drawing of a ring and a locket. The locket has a circular shape and it has an infinity sign on the top of it while the ring has also an infinity sign on it but it has an engrave  message of it saying “I heart you”

The ring was so familiar to me it’s like I’ve seen that before. I looked at my finger and saw a ring that has an infinity sign on it. It is somehow a male version of the ring in her sketch pad. I had that ring since I woke up after the accident I never had the urged to remove it. This circular metal wrapping my finger it somehow making me feel complete.

“These are beautiful” I complimented her and I saw her cheecks turns red.

“Ah… Thank you hu—Naill” her eyes were still fixed at the sand.

“Memories memories, memories” I blurted out underneath my breathe but It was loud and clear for her to hear it. I fixed my eyes at the sea. I feel so comportable when I am beside her. she gave me a feeling that I’ve know her a long time ago. I feel like I don’t need to hide something to her I can be myself whenever I’m with her. I can’t act like a simple Nialler and not the Pop singer Niall on her. “—The only thing that never change when everything does” I smiled bitterly “—but in my case everything has changed since the day I’ve lost it.” I saw in my peripheral view that she was looking at me…

“Mind if you join me for a walk?” I stood up and offer my hand to her, she gave me a puzzled look, then she nod and reach my hands. We were walking at the shoreline. It’s getting dark and you can see the stars are shinning bright. we walk and walk until we reach the end of the shoreline. Thing went in a slow motion. I can feel sparks when our hands touch, I felt a gazzilion volt of energy flowing to my entire body. I never want to let go of her hands. I want it to keep it forever if there is a forever. I faced her and saw her ever beautiful smile. I want to hug her and keep her but I know that is impossible. Things will be complicated if I do that. I looked at her eyes. I felt like someone is casting a spell on me. It’s like we were in a magical place. A place where Vy and I only exist, a place where love and happiness do exist. A place where you can’t feel can’t feel  confusion and doubt.

“Vy can I kissed you?” before she could say something I kiss her on her lips. I don’t know what’s got in my mind all I know was I love what am I doing right now.

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