A Sad Beautiful Tragic Love Affair

They say that you don't know what you got until it's gone. but the truth is you know what you had, you just never thought you would lose it.

The memories haunts, they just come screaming at me in flashbacks..... -Niall Horan

I remember everything but the cruelest thing of all is wondering if he moved on. - Vyvonne Lopez

I can't be happy..... it's impossible at this point -Niall Horan

Then he found me.. i can't decide if either keeping him or losing him will hurt more... -Vyvonne Lopez


12. If You Could Just Try To Listen



Nialler’s Point of View

“If you were my boyfriend and I would tell you that I am your real in  girlfriend would you believe in me Nialler?” She asked under her breath but enough loud and clear enough for me to hear it. Her voice was shaking. She was crying again.


It’s a tough question to answer. It felt like that question was stabbing my heart. I feel pain… I don’t know why, it’s like I can relate to her situation; her boyfriend has amnesia like me, but the thing is I can remember my girlfriend and her boyfriend don’t remember her… but do I really remember Vyvonne? All I could ever remember was… Uh… NOTHING… I only dreamt of her and I don’t really know if that dream really happened


It’s been two months since I met her and I don’t remember any single memories we shared.


I gazed at Vy, her tears are continuously falling from her eyes. I hate seeing her in pain. It sends me a million daggers that slowly stabbing in my chest. She’s fragile and she’s hurt. I know she’s being strong despite her situation but even though how hard she tries to be strong she always breaks down.

There’s a feeling inside that I need to protect her, I want to hug her and tell her that everything will be okay, but I know things will be okay if her boyfriend will remember her.

Questions are running at the back of my mind… If I will step on her boyfriends shoes would I believe in her, knowing that there is another girl that I believed that she was my girlfriend?

I am confused… I never felt so confused as far as I was remembering. My heart and my mind are quarrelling. My heart says I should believe in her but my mind has so many doubts.

“Probably I will, but you know your boyfriend’s situation is hard because he was being fooled by someone” I pity his boyfriend because she believe in other people. I was looking at her. Her facial expression was shocked.

“Ahm… Vy piece of advice, try to te---“ Vyvonne cut my words

“Hubby, no please… please don’t leave me” Vyvonne woke up and she was crying and she looked so afraid. I was so worried about her, her body was shaking

“Hush now wifey, you know I will never do that I promise” then I kissed her in the forehead.

“I love you hubby” she said. I was still hugging her.

“I…” she looked at me like she was hurt “I love you too” I don’t understand myself, why is that every time she said I love you to me… I find it hard to say I love you back to her.

I saw Vy running outside the room. I wanted to follow her but Vyvonne was crying nonstop here. She told me to stay away from Vy, I asked her why? She told me that Vyvonne was trying to steal me away from her before. She was afraid that he might lose me and leave her.





Vyvonne’s Point of View

He loves her too, Niall loves her too. What a sweet couple. Fresh salt tears began dripping down my blazing-hot cheeks. I could feel my heart crumble into a dozen pieces. For the nth time my tears did fail me. I told myself not to cry in front of them, but I… I can’t, I just can’t

I run away from them… I-I can’t hide this pain even though how hard I’ve tried. I can’t accept the fact that she was with him, that I should supposed to be at her place. It’s hard to accept the fact that Everything has changed. I can’t see the Nialler I’ve known and I’ve loved before. I can’t feel his love anymore. He was hurting me even if he didn’t mean to do that. I’ve realized  that the moment that I woke up after the accident all I ever did was to cry all the time. Sometimes I wish that I wasn’t able to survive in the accident because from what I am feeling right now is like I am slowly dying, slowly killing in pain and the worst part is the one who is stabbing me to death was the person I really love.


                I went to the bar counter and order the strongest drink that they have. I want to get drunk to feel numb. I need to get drunk so that I could forget about them just for a while. I want to escape the reality that I was forgotten by the man I loved so much. I’ve always told them that I am fine, but the truth is I will never be fine. I am in pain and it’s getting harder each day, it’s getting painful the more I want him to know Nialler the truth the more pain he was giving me.

Shot another shot, I forgot to count how many I am intaking alcohol in my system… I don’t give a damn care of what will other people think or say around me. All I care was to ease this fucking pain in my heart… to lessen it. I wanted to breathe just for this night.

I don’t want to give up on him. I will do everything to fight for him---Unless he will tell me to stop. I’ve been wrong before now I know that I am doing the right thing.


                Slowly I am feeling numb. The alcohol was getting into my veins it was affecting my whole system. I love the feeling, the place was like a paradise, where all of the people are happy. I feel so dizzy. The last thing I knew was Nialler was in front of  me. I hugged him and my tears started to fall “Hubby… I miss you please… please remember me. I can’t take all the pain anymore, seeing you with her it’s like stabbing me to death… why can’t you remember me. I am your real girlfriend please listen to your heart” then things went black.



Harry’s Point of View

                I saw Vy on the bar counter. I was watching him from afar. I hate what I am seeing she was drowning herself with alcohol and tears. It hurts seeing one of your friends is being hurt unintentionally by one of your best mates.

She was madly in love with Niall, but Niall had forgotten her, I understand him because of his amnesia, but he was being insensitive. We tried to convince him that the girl beside him was not Vyvonne but he refused to believe in us. The lads don’t like her. In fact we hated her. Niall transfer to another flat with that woman. He was being blinded by that woman. He almost quit the band because of her.

 I walked toward stop her, she was soaking in her tears. She was crying hard like a helpless woman. I pity her because she was massively hurt. She was dying in pain, Anna can’t do anything because she was also hurt by her best friend's situation. Zayn and Louis were mad at Niall, they didn’t talk to him since Niall transfer to the other flat. She stood up from her sit so I followed her then he saw Niall, she hugged Niall and cried in front of him.

“Hubby… I miss you please… please remember me. I can’t take all the pain anymore, seeing you with her it’s like stabbing me to death… why can’t you remember me. I am your real girlfriend please listen to your heart”  then she collapsed on Niall’s shoulder. I run towards them to get Vy. Niall was still in shock.

“Mate, call others were going home.” I said to Niall, he went to call other’s whilst I am taking Vy to the car.




                Liam was the one who is driving because of all we know he was the responsible one. He didn’t drink. Awkwardness and silence were filled in the car. Lou, Zayn, Anna, Vy and the girl who pretended to be Vyvonne were sleeping. I was seated next to Vy and her head were lean on my shoulders.

“Niall why are you so mean to me… of all the people you could forgot why is it me.” Vy said her eyes were still close. She was talking in her sleep. Tears are running at the edge of her eyes… “You don’t know how much I hate seeing you with her, Hubby please, please remember me...” She added. I saw Liam looking at us in the mirror. Niall was still in silence. 





                I was carrying Vy to Niall’s room before and laid her in the bed. I went to the living room to accompany Niall…

“Are you sure you can drive home?” I asked him. He was staring blankly at the television.

“Mate why did Vy say that?” he looked at me his eyes were longing for an answer.

“Mate, Vy and you should talk in private, you can use my car. Here” then I handed him the keys of my car.

“Okay maybe we should talk about it.” He replied. He stood up and carried the girl who pretended to be Vy.

“Ahm… mate please don’t tell Vyvonne that you are talking to Vy” I said and he nods then bid his goodbye.



                The next morning I went to Vy to wake her up. She was still sleeping, she looks like an angel when she sleeps. Her face looks so peaceful.

“Hey, finally you’re awake, do you mind joining us for breakfast?” I asked him. I sat down at the edge of her bed and put a  huge grin that was showing my dimples. I brushed my hair using my fingers.

“He Haz stopped doing that you look like an idiot. Argghh. My head hurts” she groaned and hold his head.

“Hahaha. Hang over love,I know there’s a medicine in the kitchen but eat your breakfast first.” I said she was whining at me how her head hurts.

“Haz, what happened last night?” she gave me a confused look.

“Well you passed out last night, good thing was before you fell to the ground I caught you” I said to her looking at her dark brown orbs.

“Okay, I thought it was Niall who caught me” she place a bitter smile on her face

“Love you should take a break, look at you, you looked so stressed and we hate seeing you in pain. The lads and I were so worried about your condition. Vy take a break from chasing Niall please” I said I was damn serious about what I’ve said to her. All she ever thinks was Niall and she forgot to think about herself. “---I and the other lads will help you to win him back. We promised”

“if—Only I can… I would do that Haz, you know how much I love him, you can’t blame me he had been taken away from me---do you want to know what I am feeling right now huh? I am sick and tired of this fucking situation… sometimes I wish I didn’t survive on that accident because it’s more painful living in this kind of situation. I only hoped things would be better but how? Tell me how? ... I am sick and tired of everything but even though I am tired I still want to fight for him”  God she was crying again. I wipe her tears using my thumb and hugged her.

“Vy just trust us, we have a plan to bring you two back together.” I said I hoped that plan work. So that Vy will be happy again.










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