A Sad Beautiful Tragic Love Affair

They say that you don't know what you got until it's gone. but the truth is you know what you had, you just never thought you would lose it.

The memories haunts, they just come screaming at me in flashbacks..... -Niall Horan

I remember everything but the cruelest thing of all is wondering if he moved on. - Vyvonne Lopez

I can't be happy..... it's impossible at this point -Niall Horan

Then he found me.. i can't decide if either keeping him or losing him will hurt more... -Vyvonne Lopez


15. Hang Up Give Up

Vyvonne's Point of View



"Hey Vy, get out of your room please" Anna said. I've stayed all day in my room at the beach house. I haven't eaten any meal for this day. I just want to be alone. I tugged myself on because I feel so cold inside. As much as I wanted to convince myself that this is all a dream and eventually I will wake up in the morning and everything was all okay but I can't, the reality is haunting me. Reality ruined my life. They kept on knocking on my door for almost an hour but I don't want to open it.

 I heard the door click then I saw Anna in front of me. She was also crying. I hugged her and cry at her. She is my best friend she was always there for me. I need her.

"Calm down Vy, please don't be like that I don't want to see you like that. I am also hurt." She said her tears are also flowing.

"I can't bear to see you being hurt wifey. I know you are strong please fight, not for him but for yourself. I know you really love him but please love yourself again. You are not the Vyvonne I've known when we are little you are a tough girl, please bring that Vyvonne back." She hugged me back. I can feel her pain. She's also being hurt.

"Stand up for yourself you don't have to depend on Niall. He is not your world. He is just a person... please listen to me. HE IS NOT THE ONLY PERSON WHO LOVES YOU. We are here for you because we love you" her words are sending daggers to my heart. Slowly stabbing me. She is right. She is always right.

"Fix yourself I don't want to see you like that, we are going to have a dinner" she stood up and kiss me on my forehead. 

I started to fix myself. Right I have to be my old self again but I need to find it because I've lost it since Niall and I were together. She was still standing at my door looking at me. Get up and fight Vy. I said to myself.

"Don't look at me like an idiot wifey, help me fix my hair and make up" I smile at her. She was running towards me

"That's the Vy, I known" she hug me tight so tight that I can't breathe

"Are you going to kill me wifey? Get off me" I said sarcastically

"Aw sorry I just can't help it. You made me so happy." She said she was tearing a bit darn this girl has a mood swing

She started to put some make up in me like we used to do. I miss this girly bonding we had. After applying some make up she went on my suitcase to find me something to wear.

“Wear this wifey” She handed me a floral halter dress that she found. I went to the dressing room and wear it. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw the locket he gave me. I smiled bitterly. The locket and the ring were the only thing I have and yet he can’t even remember any single of them. This is the reason why am I fighting. Vy stop thinking of Niall I mentally slapped myself. It’s now time to think of yourself. You should fight for your identity not for him. I had enough pain and now I want to stand on my feet again without depending on him.

“Oh my god wifey you look so pretty” she was grinning like and idiot

"Come on let's go I have to feed my pets you know I missed breakfast and lunch and I swear wifey I'm going to eat a lot." I chuckled.




                The lads are all in the dinning room waiting for us. I am so nervous to see them. I now I sound so dramatic locking myself whole day in my room but I can’t help it. I want to be alone. I don’t want to see the face of that bitch. She is so damn annoying, I better get my revenge on her. I saw Harry walking towards us and he hugged me

“Good to have the Vyvonne I know” he whisper in my ears. I smile and saw Niall’s face. His eyebrows frown his jaw clenches. He is jealous I know every facial reaction that he was showing me. I easily read it. Harry was still with me and my dear best friend went to his ever loving boyfriend.

Hi Vy how are you feeling?” El said. She went towards my direction and kissed me on my cheeks.

“I am great, You look so pretty in your dress.” I said. I saw her blush.

“Thank you, I bet your hungry now?” she chuckled.. She really knows me.

“Where’s Lee and Dani?” I asked El. Lou, Niall, and that bitch were already seated at the table.

“At the kitchen preparing for dinner” She answered.

“I’ll help them prepare them our dinner” I smile at her. As much as possible I want to avoid them. I don’t want to be in the same room with them. I know I sounded like a bitter person but seeing them together brought a massive pain in my heart.

“No Vy stay here. They can manage” El said “Excuse me I’ll just go to Louis” she added and went to Louis. Harry held my hand went to the table. He pulled a chair for me.

“Dinner is ready” Dani popped out from the kitchen. “Hey Vy good to see you smiling” she added

“Yeah. It feels so good to be back.” I smirked at her.  I didn’t manage to look at Niall and that bitch. I don’t want to cry again. We started to eat dinner.



                After dinner I decided to go to my room to pack my things. Tomorrow morning we're going back to London and the day after tomorrow they will proceed with the tour. I decided not to go with them. Things will be complicated if I join them. I am planning to tell them later. I heard the door open.

“I guess you're ready to leave forever” I turned around to face her. I hate seeing her. I avoided to see her because I might lose my temper, I might hurt her. I continue packing my things like she was never been there.

“Like I told you before Niall loves me and now we’re having a baby” she said. i face her and raised my eyebrow to her. She’s crazy stupid and annoying girl.

“Back off girl before Niall pushed you away, I’m just concern at you” she said whilst smirking, she looks like a devil.

“What if I don’t want to?” I said to her flashing my beautiful smile. I saw reaction she was fuming mad. I mentally laugh because she can’t control her expression.

“We’re having a baby can’t you see?” she said and went over me

“No I can’t” I simply stated and turn around her and continue to pack my things. I don’t have any time for her.

“He loves me and not you he can’t even remember you, so back off” she said her voice is shaking and I don’t care. She was hitting me below my belt.

“The reason why he loves you because you were PRETENDING to be me and lastly if he loves you why did he kissed me?” I said to her. She held my hands tight and dragged me to face her.

“How dare you?” she still holding my hands her grips were becoming tight.

“Don’t you dare me bitch! I had enough of you. Aren’t you happy that I let you borrow Niall for a mean time?” I shrugged my hand and she loses her grip.

“He is mine before the two of you met” she said. Her voice was getting louder she was almost screaming

“Get your filthy hand off me… Yours?” I laughed at her “So your telling me that I am a thief because I stole Nialler from you? YOUR.SO.PATHETIC. Face the truth girl he will never be yours even though you are carrying his baby… Oh wait is that really Niall’s baby?” she slapped me on my face. Damn her!. “Even if its Nialler baby he will never learn to love  you… You're so desperate to have him is that your best shot dear?”

“Now tell me who is looking so desperate in front of Niall is it me or you? You're always chasing on him. And you even tell him who you are.. Did he believe in you huh?” then she laughed.  That’s it I have had enough. I had enough of her .

“At least I am not a pathetic bitch who needs to pretend just to notice by him”  beat that bitch. She started to pull my hair. I slapped her hands.

“Guilty much? Dear, I won’t go down in your level. I am being  desperate because it is legally mine unlike your case, you're being desperate because he doesn’t like you.” I held her arms to refrain her from hurting me again. I pity her. NO I PITY HER BABY.

“I will do everything to get rid of you. I’ll make your life miserable” She said and pushed me on the wall.

“I am not afraid, because my life has been already miserable.” She started to pull my hair, “GET OFF ME BITCH.” I started to scream she was so strong I can’t get off him. She started to slap my face. Her nails are scratching into my skin. She was on top of me. She was fuming mad.

“I SAID GET OFF ME BITCH. GET OFF”. I am being hysterical. I can’t endure the pain she was giving me. I am too weak. I feel so hopeless. Can somebody help me.  I push her with all the energy that I have. Then I saw Niall on the door

“WHAT’S HAPPENING HERE?” he stated. “Wifey, Wifey are you ok?” he went to the bitch

“VY ARE YOU OK?” harry went over me and hugged me. I cried in his arms.

CAN SOMEBODY CALL AN AMBULANCE!” he shouted again and carry her in his arms.

“H-hubby. Help me”  she said. I saw fresh blood running on her legs “P-Please save my baby” She was crying. I felt guilty. I—I didn’t mean to do that God knows I did want to push her. She was hurting me so I need to fight back. I was frozen. I can’t move. He looked in my direction, his eyes were filled with so much anger.

“IF THERE”S SOMETHING BAD WILL HAPPEN TO THEM I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU” he shouted at me and run out the room carrying her.

I—I didn't mean to do that… she started it. She… she started hurting me… -“ I started to cry at Harry. I didn't mean to push her.

“I know… I know let’s go to the hospital to know the situation” Harry said. I saw Anna and Zayn on the door they were all looking at me. I feel so guilty. I shouldn’t push her.




                I saw Niall out the emergency room he was walking back and forth. Liam and Dani try to calm him down but they can’t. He saw me and he went over me

“WHY DID YOU DO THAT HUH? WHY DO HAVE TO HURT HIM VY? WE DON’T NEED YOU HERE” he shouted at me. I can’t utter any single word. He was fuming mad at me. My tears are dripping down my cheek. I was also scared when I saw him in that expression. I am shaking. It hurts seeing him so mad at me.

“HEY MATE DON’T SHOUT AT HER. CAN YOU PLEASE LISTEN TO HER FIRST… LOOK AT HER SHE HAS SO MANY BRUISES ON HER SKIN.” Harry also shouted, they were shouting at each other.. I feel so afraid. I feel so weak. i can’t handle this situation they were fighting I can’t see them in that way.


“Can we talk in private?” I stated. I gathered all my energy to say that. He nodded and we went to the cafeteria of the hospital 

“EXPLAIN’ his voice was full of authority., I was so scared. He was commanding me to speak.

“I… didn't mean it. She st-started it. She went to my room and started to say something then… then.. She started to hurt me…” I cried. My tears are still flowing like a river. I feel so drained. I feel so weak..

“What did she say to you… that cause the both of you to fight’ his voice was low he was looking at me in the eyes but still his eyes were filled with anger. i was in silence. I don’t know how to tell him that we were fighting because she was pretending to be me. Right I have to tell him again.

“It is because she was pretending to be me” I looked at him his face were shocked.

“STOP PRETENDING TO BE HER VY PLEASE, YOU DON’T NEED TO DO THAT” his voice was furious again. The tears are starting to form again.

“COULD YOU JUST TRY TO LISTEN NIALL HUH?” I shouted at him. He never tries to listen to me. He never hears my side

‘Why did you have to pretend Vy, why do have to ruin our relationship.”

 tears are now streaming down my face.

‘STOP FOOLING ME VY. SHE TOLD ME EVERYTHING… WHAT DO YOU WANT MONEY? FAME? YOU WANT ME BECAUSE OF FAME? DO YOU WANT TO BE FAMOUS?” I can’t believe he was telling me this. I can’t believe he was accusing me of being a FAME-WHORE.


“Stop pretending Vy, stop doing that before I lose my respect for you. Please stay away from us. I don’t want to see your face ever again. ” He said underneath his voice. What did I do wrong to be in this kind of situation. How could he say that.

“You know what’s painful Niall? It is how you accuse me like that… All I did was to love you I..I know I hurt you before and now I am trying to correct what I have done. Damn Niall it hurts when every time you try to push me away but I am trying to chase you even though you are hurting me massively… Did you try to listen to your mates huh? Did you try to know the real truth huh? NO. because all you ever did was to listen to her. Did you try to question yourself what do you feel about me? Did you try to ask your mom about Vyvonne? No because you are so busy satisfying what you know. I had enough Nialler. I AM ONLY A PEOPLE NOT A SUPERWOMAN. I am also capable of being tired. I have given you my best shot but all you did was to turn me down. You've damaged me too much and I can’t believe it that until now I still love you even you don’t believe in me. Sorry I had enough and I HAVE TO WIPE MY OWN TEAR BECAUSE NOW I AM ABSOLUTELY QUITTING ON YOU”  






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