A Sad Beautiful Tragic Love Affair

They say that you don't know what you got until it's gone. but the truth is you know what you had, you just never thought you would lose it.

The memories haunts, they just come screaming at me in flashbacks..... -Niall Horan

I remember everything but the cruelest thing of all is wondering if he moved on. - Vyvonne Lopez

I can't be happy..... it's impossible at this point -Niall Horan

Then he found me.. i can't decide if either keeping him or losing him will hurt more... -Vyvonne Lopez


1. Forgetting Is Hard

                "I love you babe and promise me you'll come back" the girl kissed the boy before he gets-in the plane.

                The same old dream again. He always dreamt of that girl. He woke up with tears in his eyes and sweat all over his body. He kept on recalling the face of the girl but it is all in a vague picture. He went to the kitchen to have something to drink. He has the urged to know who the girl behind his dream is. Is she related from his past? Or it was all in his mind. Many questions are running at the back of his mind. All he could remember was he is Nialler James Horan. One of the members of the famous band called One Direction.

                He went straight to the living room and decided to watch a movie maybe in that way he could forget the dream he had in the past few days. He picked a movie entitled "A Walk to Remember. " He had felt that it is so familiar. He feels like his head is breaking when he tried to recall those memories that he lost.

 "Are you ok mate?" A husky voice said. He looked at him. He has a curly hair and a green pair of eyes. He nodded at him to say that he can manage the pain.

 "I had this weird dream again about that girl" he said to the curly-haired guy. 

"Mate calm down, you have to take a rest and don't stress yourself remembering." Harry said with a concern tone. He feels like there's something missing in him. Something that he lost and he should take it back. Harry went to the kitchen to have some beers and chips. 

"Here you go mate" he said whilst throwing a can of beer on him.

 "Did the paparazzi know the accident?” He asked the curly guy

"yeah but they don't know that you have an amnesia." He can remember the X Factor things. And other gigs and concerts but unfortunately he can't remember the last one year of his life.  




All he could see are flashes of camera lights some paparazzi that kept on chasing them. They throw so many questions at him. He couldn't understand the situation he was adjusting to it. They kept on asking him the same questions like "Are you and your girlfriend broke up?" "Did you have a fight?" and "Where's Vyvonne?" Did he have a girlfriend before? And who's Vyvonne? He could only remember was Amy and him were dating. If he ever had a girlfriend; why she didn't show up? "Mate don't mind them and continue walking" Liam said to him. He wanted to ask Liam about what are they are talking too, but he doesn't have the guts to do it.



                They were in the studio rehearsing for their performance for their upcoming guessing in New York City. 

"I'm hungry" eating is one of his hobbies he loves to eat. He eats when he is bored, not when he is hungry.

 "Mate you never change you're always hungry" one of his mate answer. He's definitely right he is always hungry. 

"Let's go to Nandos" he tried to convince the lads but he failed.

 "We're not going out it is dangerous for your health" a black-haired guy said. 

"Do you think I'll remember what I lost?" He said to his mates their smiles slowly turn into a sad expression, ever since the accident happened he was never the same old Niall. He is not blithe anymore. Some part of him didn't want to remember the past one year of his life, but a part of him really wants to know the person behind his dreams. Whenever he asked his mates about the girl in his dreams his mates are always changing the topic. 

"Don't lose hope mate the doctor said you'll slowly remember those memories you've lost one at a time." Louis said. What if he didn't remember what he lost? 

"Hey where's my cell phone and all my gadgets" he looked at his mates 

"they are all in Ireland your mom kept all your gadgets because the doctor told her that is better for you to slowly recover." If the doctor wants him to recover why did he told his mother to keep his gadgets maybe that the gadget could help him to remember. He never wants to play nonchalant in his situation.



                He kept on chasing the girl but she was running away from him. He kept on shouting her name but there's no voice coming out of his mouth. The girl is slowly fading.

                 He woke up again with tears in his eyes sweat all over his body. Those dreams kept on chasing him. He didn’t understand why he is crying whenever that girl appears in his dreams. 

"You ok mate?" Liam asked him. He never speaks a single word. Liam was a bit worried for him. As much as he wanted to tell the boy the whole story the doctor didn't want him or the other lads to tell Niall. The doctor didn't want to stress Niall. He wanted him to slowly recover. 

"Did I ever have a girlfriend?" He asked Liam. His eyes were longing for an answer. He was so desperate to know his past.

 "Oh there you are mate! Are you ready for tomorrow?" Louis excitedly said. Tomorrow they are heading to New York. They'll be promoting their new album Take Me Home. They are also having some TV guessing and radio interviews. He wasn't sure if he was ready to get interviewed. 

"Vas happening guys" the black-haired guy enters their dressing room. 

"Yow… Zayn where have you been?" Louis asked the black-haired guy.

"Somewhere out there mate." Zayn replied.

 "I'm getting bored, mate let's hang out. I know a bar near here." The curly one said. There's an excitement on his face maybe if he goes out he could remember something that could help him.



                Flashes of different colors of lights are striking to the place. You can hear a loud music and a massive crowd dancing wildly. The lads are in their disguise look.

 "One margarita please" the girl said to the bartender. The girl has a short and black hair. She's a bit short and has this petite body figure. 

"Hey babe you're here" Zayn said and hold the waist of the girl body and kissed her on the lips. He's asking himself who is that girl. All he can remember was Zayn and Perrie are together. 

"Hey mate this is Anna" the girl looked puzzled. She didn't know that Niall has an amnesia. The girl was about to say something but Zayn widen his eyes to the girl. 

"Nice to meet you Anna" Niall politely said and offer a handshake to the girl. The girl accepted it and smiled. 

"Common babe let's dance." He dragged the girl and went to the dance floor. Liam and Louis are with their girlfriends whilst Harry is nowhere to found. He was alone in the bar counter whilst continuing drinking his beer.


"What happened to him babe" the girl asked Zayn she was a bit worried. She looked at Zayn while they were dancing in a slow music. Zayn looked at her. He trusts her but he can't tell her girlfriend about Niall's situation not now… maybe in the right time.

"I can't tell you babe for now someone might hear us." The girl nodded he understood his boyfriend. She loves him the most. She knows that her boyfriend is in the hard situation at the same time she was also concerned with her best friend. She taught that Niall is perfectly ok according to the news. They never talked about Niall’s situation. If the boy didn’t remember her probably he didn’t also remember her best friend. Zayn and his girlfriend went back to the bar counter to accompany Niall. He can see that the boy is anxious again.

Babe I’ll just go to the ladies room” the girl left the two lads and went to the ladies room.


 “Hey Bradford boy are you cheating with Perrie?” he was shocked at what Niall asked him. He never cheated to Perrie; they broke up because they couldn’t find time together with their busy schedules and tours. They have been a good friend. “No I’m not cheating on her” he answered plainly. 

“-But mate who’s that girl?” he was puzzled. The last time he could remember was Zayn and Perrie was madly in love with each other. 

“That’s my girlfriend.” If Zayn didn’t cheat to Perrie why did they broke up? 

“What happened between you and Perrie?”

“We broke up; mate things weren’t the same since the last time you remember. You and Vyv--“someone cut his words. 

“Mate we have to go the paparazzi is here” Liam popped somewhere. 

“Where’s Hazza?”  said he was with Eleanor.

“Here I am Boo Bear missed me already?” “Hold on mate I need to find Anna” Zayn said and go to the nearest ladies room but he could find his girl... She kept on searching the girl and she found it in the couch sitting and crying 

“what’s wrong babe?” the girl buried her face in his boyfriend's chest

“she breaks down again. . . We have to see her” he can feel her pain. He wanted to ease the pain that she feels. 

“Hush now babe, we will go there, but right now we have to get out here, the paparazzi are outside.” She wipes her tears and composed herself. Niall shouldn’t see her in that situation.


They went back to the lads. “You ok?” Liam asked her. The boys are all staring at her, 

“Yeah” she nodded she didn’t tell the truth. She is also concerned with Niall. All she wants to do is to be with her in her hardest situation.  They all went in the back door and quickly exited the place. Louis is the one who is driving the car El was in the front seat beside Lou. Liam is beside Danielle as well as Niall. Anna, Zayn and Harry are in the back seat.



         As the plane landed on the airport fans are screaming and paparazzi is taking pictures. Some fans are kept on chasing them to have autographs and pictures. Their fans also have tarpaulins with their name on it, one tarpaulin caught his attention. It has a picture of him kissing a black haired girl on a cheeks it also has a text written we love Nialvy with it. His heartbeat is getting faster as he sees the picture. He can't understand what is that for. He didn't bother himself thinking who that girl is. He just taught that it's just a fan made rumors; all he ever wanted is to see Amy and asked what happened to them. He remember that they were dating maybe Amy could help him to remember maybe if he do the things


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