A Sad Beautiful Tragic Love Affair

They say that you don't know what you got until it's gone. but the truth is you know what you had, you just never thought you would lose it.

The memories haunts, they just come screaming at me in flashbacks..... -Niall Horan

I remember everything but the cruelest thing of all is wondering if he moved on. - Vyvonne Lopez

I can't be happy..... it's impossible at this point -Niall Horan

Then he found me.. i can't decide if either keeping him or losing him will hurt more... -Vyvonne Lopez


18. Epilogue

“Get fast please” Anna shouted at my driver. “We’re gonna be late, we have to be earlier someone might take our seat in the O2 arena” She said or I might say she was shouting,

“Calm down Anna, Why are you in hurry?”  I said while I am enjoying the whole trip. I missed London so much.

“It is because there are a lot of people in O2 arena. Someone might take our seat there.” I rolled my eyes on her.

“Hello? Are you forgetting something huh?  We are their fiancée. They won’t let someone take our place. We are always VIP!” I rolled my eyes again.  How could Zayn tolerate my best friend’s stupidity?

“Oh I almost forgot. We are their fiancée and if Nialler learns that her beloved Vyvonne is coming he might break the wall of O2 arena just for you to arrive safe and sound.” She said sarcastically “Promise Vy someone might take our seat in front if we don’t hurry, you know we don’t have tickets” She said with her irritating voice.

“Calm down Anna, we have a reserve seat there” I said to her.

I don’t know why she is being disconcerted. I know Niall and Zayn won’t let someone take our seats. Anna was so stupid as ever.

“Why would you think that the VIP seats are full?” I asked her

“Because you’re mom and your dad are coming in the concert as well as Shan” I gasped at her, I can’t believe my family was in London.

“Opps sorry that was supposed to be a surprise.” She covered her mouth with his right hands and makes a peace sign on the left.

“How did you convince my mom to go with dad?” I asked her, I was convincing my mother the whole time to go in London with dad but she didn’t want to.

“Compare to you. My charm was so strong” then she smile at me.

It was their last concert here in London and they will be having a world tour to promote their next album Midnight Memories. It was also my birthday today, Niall greeted me with a morning text saying “Happy Birthday Wifey…” then he also send me a bouquet of flowers and cakes, yes you hear it right CAKES. He sends me 20 pieces of cake. Each cake has a letter on it.

 I didn’t throw a party to give way for their concert. I gasped when I saw the people outside the arena, It was a massive crowd. They become famous and famous each year.

“We should call Zayn or Niall now for us to pass this huge crowd and reserve a seat for us” she said.

“Nuh.. Don’t bother them Anna, I will just asked Paul to find a seat for us if there is no available seat in the VIP.”

“Okay, I’m fine with it. I will take any seat available I don’t care if it’s not VIP.” She said, and again she was texting or tweeting again. Niall stopped texting me when we arrived at the arena I bet they were all busy practicing or vocalizing.

She looked at me again and she continues texting. The car stopped at the parking lot and we were on our way to the back stage.

“Anna let’s go” I dragged her but she was still texting. Darn I hate them they were so clingy to each other, like DUH don’t they have time for their selves?

“Why are we in dress? I will be much comfortable in tee and shorts.” I said to her. I don’t want to be in the center of attraction but in her description she told me the night before the concert was we should wear a dress that is white, I thought we were the same but when I saw my dress it has a swarovski diamond and sequins on it. Anna’s dress was the same it has a diamonds and sequins on it, but the thing is it was a simple spaghetti strap dress and mine has its own design of lace illusion neckline

“I don’t want to hear you complain anymore. You are beautiful in that dress. I bet Niall will be so turn on to see in that dress.” I blushed when she said that,


We were so unlucky because the VIP seats are all taken. Lucky there were two seat on the back it was too far from the stage but clear enough to see the boys perform. I heard too many rants from Anna and I act like I was not listening to her.

“10…9…8…” I heard the countdown I also scream with them even though I feel so uncomfortable with the fact that some of them were taking picture of us.

“7…6…5…4…3…” my heart was beating so fast. I felt like my heart will explode any minute because of the excitement. Then I saw the boys on stage again. Yes again after a year I saw them again performing live. I could hear the intro and the screaming fans.

“I LOVE YOU MY SEXY HUBBY” I shouted and Anna was laughing because she taught I was so crazy,

“WE LOVE YOU ONE DIRECTION” that was all you can hear when the boys started to sing.



It feels like we've been livin' in fast forward

Another moment passing by

(Up up up all night)

The party's ending but it's now or never

Nobody's going home tonight

(Up up up all night)



Katy Perry’s on replay

She's on replay

DJ got the floor to shake, the floor to shake

People going all the way

Yeah, all the way

I'm still wide awake


I need to widen my eyes to see Niall because I am too far from the stage. But it’s okay even it is far I can see Niall’s handsome face.

“NIALL YOU ARE SO HANDSOME” someone shouted. And I agree to her because my hubby was so so HANDSOME and super irresistible. I was enjoying the whole show the first song ended.

The next song played and it was a love song. The boys sat down on the edge of the stage.

“So our next is entitled Over again, I wrote a few lyrics of it when I was so down and the boys helped me up to complete the song” Niall said and he was looking at me. I can feel that he was looking at me

Said I’d never leave her cause her hands fit like my t-shirt,
Tongue-tied over three words, cursed.
Running over thoughts that make my feet hurt,
Body's intertwined with her lips


Now she’s feeling so low since she went solo
Hole in the middle of my heart like a polo
And it’s no joke to me
So can we do it all over again


He pointed me and the crowd goes wild. Anna was kept on shrugging me I was frozen that time.


OH MY GOD. VY” she said. She was being hysterical as well as the crowd. The effect of the boys to the crowd. I saw some of the girls were crying, and some are fainting because of them.



The lights set into dim again and the crowd waited for a minute. There was a short film about them and I laugh so hard on it because I find it cute. After that the spot light was slowly turn on again and it focused on the 5 hottest lads in the whole universe. They were all wearing a tuxedo


I heard the guitar began to play and Zayn was singing.


Your hand fits in mine

Like it's made just for me

But bear this in mind

It was meant to be

And I'm joining up the dots

With the freckles on your cheeks

And it all makes sense to me



I looked at Anna and she was holding her tears because her Zayn was singing. I feel the same way I was holding my tears also. The song was so perfect. It somehow make me feel special


I know you've never loved 
The crinkles by your eyes when you smile 
You've never loved 
Your stomach or your thighs 
The dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine 

[Zayn + Liam] 
But I'll love them endlessly 


I saw their fans lighting a white candle while singing the chorus. My tears began to fall at my cheeks.  They have the best supportive fans in the entire world.


I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth 
But if I do, it's you, 
Oh it's you, 
They add up to 
I'm in love with you, 
And all these little things 

You can't go to bed, 
Without a cup of tea, 
And maybe that's the reason 
That you talk, in your sleep 
And all those conversations 
Are the secrets that I keep 
Though it makes no sense to me 

All of our memories from the very beginning were flashing back on my mind. I was just simple girl who dream of going to London to meet my idols. I never thought that Niall could fall in love with me.


I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape 
You never want to know how much you weigh 
You still have to squeeze into your jeans 

[Harry + Niall] 
You're perfect to me 


I saw their fans forming a straight line on the staircase. They were on the both side of the stairs facing each other. It was like the soldier of Prince Charles that every time the royal family will arrive they will hold their sword up and salute to the royal family. But instead of a sword they were carrying a candle.



I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth 
But if it's true, 
It's you, 
It's you, 
They add up to 
I'm in love with you, 
And all these little things


 The fans where heading towards to us closer and closer and they stopped in front of us.

The I saw going down the stage while singing. I felt a warm hand on my shoulder and when I looked at it, it was my dad and my mom guided me to stand up. I was crying and crying because I never felt this happiness before.



You'll never love yourself 
Half as much as I love you 
You'll never treat yourself right, darlin' 
But I want you to, 
If I let you know, I'm here for you, 
Maybe you'll love yourself, 
Like I love you 


“What is the meaning of this?” I asked them and my mom handed me a bouquet of white rose. WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW?


“Let’s go Vyvonne” my dad said


Anna was the one who walked first in the middle of the fans who has holding a candle. When Anna turned. My dad I and mom start walking.


And I've just let these little things 
Slip, out of my mouth, 
'Cause it's you, oh it's you, 
It's you, 
They add up to 
And I'm in love with you, 
And all these little things, 


And then I looked at the guy who is in front of me. He was smiling while I am shocked in the whole situation. I saw Shan on his side, and then I saw a man who was holding a big thick book. And I’ve realized that this isn’t a concert. IT WAS A FREAKING WEDDING!! OUR WEDDING!


My cheeks was so wet because I couldn’t believe that today was my wedding


I won't let these little things 
Slip, out of my mouth, 
But if it's true, 


He asked for my hand and I gave it to him. My dad patted his shoulder and then my mom hugged him. I was still crying I couldn’t believe I swear.


It's you, it's you, 
They add up to, 
I'm in love with you, 
And all your little things


“Happy Birthday Vyvonne… My wifey” he whispered to me


I saw the man who was holding a big thick book in front of us. It was so quick. He read Corinthians 13. 


“Irene Vyvonne Lopez, do you take me as you lawfully hubby?, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse; for richer, for poorer; in sickness and in health; in joy and in sorrow; to love and to cherish; and to be faithful to you alone, as long as we both shall live.”


“off course I do” I said between my sobs then he slid the ring into my finger.



“Niall James Horan, Do you take me as your wifey-----“


“There’s nothing to asked wifey I will surely say I do to you.” Then I slide of the ring to his finger. He immediately kissed me passionately, savoring the moment that we have in that kiss


“Vyvonne Lopez Horan” He whispered “ready for the honeymoon?” then he carried me in a bridal style, I never felt this happy in my entire life. It was like a dream come true. I couldn’t explain what I am feeling right now. After all the rainy days I felt he brought back the sun in my life and I am closing this chapter of my life and will write another chapter with him. This is the start of our forever.


-The End

Authors Note:

Hello there thanks for reading my fan fic about Niall. Should I write a sequel? Please let me know if you want a sequel :D

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