A Sad Beautiful Tragic Love Affair

They say that you don't know what you got until it's gone. but the truth is you know what you had, you just never thought you would lose it.

The memories haunts, they just come screaming at me in flashbacks..... -Niall Horan

I remember everything but the cruelest thing of all is wondering if he moved on. - Vyvonne Lopez

I can't be happy..... it's impossible at this point -Niall Horan

Then he found me.. i can't decide if either keeping him or losing him will hurt more... -Vyvonne Lopez


11. buddha bar

"There's always a right time, we have to wait for it. Vy listen to me--- Niall was not in love with her, he is just blinded by confusion" He said we were sitting on the bench outside their flat.


"Hazza... Do you think he still loves me?" I was looking blankly at the sky, the stars are so bright; they are still shining even though they are so far.

Maybe Harry was right maybe there is a right time, but what if there's not? What if the right time has passed? What if I am too late for that right time?


"Look at me Vy... His mind can forget about you but I know his heart won't. Since the day that you didn't answer his text or his call. I have never seen him that worried before. He was so anxious. He took the first flight after we performed at the MSG. He was acting like a crazy lad at first I couldn't understand him why he is like that, then he told me that he was receiving death threats from our fans. The management was so furious at him. Do you want to know why?" I nod at him fro him to continue his story.


"Because he wants to leave the band... he was sacrificing his career just for the both of you to live a happy and peaceful life together. Remember what he told you that no one in the entire universe, even you can exceed his love for you. True Vy, he needs you more than you need him. You brought out the best of him." I was shocked. I didn't know that he can give up the life he had right now just for me. I never thought he could give up his career for me.


"When he got stabbed by that unknown man all he could think was your safety. He was so afraid that something bad might happen to you. He was afraid to lose you Vy" My tears started to fall as the cold wing brushes my skin.


"--- So he hires a secret bodyguard for you to be safe. He was fuming mad at Paul and at the management because he learns that they were the reason why you left him. He never stopped to search for you day and night and then he found you. I thought things would be okay now but that dreadful accident happened... Vy please don't give up on him, fight for him." He wipes my tears and hugged me. I cannot utter a single word.






I regret it again, I know that it was me who made the worst decision. I can't blame him for his situation. He fought for our love and what did I do I give up on us.

"Let's get inside. It's cold out here, they must be worried" Harry stood up and shrugged his clothes. I was still crying when will these tears will stop from falling? I hate it. I decided to stand up and went inside the house with Harry.


They were still in the living room. They were all looking at me with a concern look when I and Harry came back

"Are you okay?" Then he hugged me. I.. I never expected this. I... I never expect that of all the people in the Living room he will be the first person who will hug me and asked if I am okay.


Niall, please let's stay this way a little much longer. Hug me me tighter. I was wishing that at the back of my mind. Then he did hug me tighter. I can't control my flood gates they are starting to fall again.


I was crying, maybe this is how I missed him.

I want to get our life back together.

I want him back.

I wanted to tell him that I am not okay that I really need him so bad.


"I am... So-Sorry... I didn't know... wha--- Hey Wifey!!!" then he removes his arms around my body, he left and followed that bitch.

He left me dumbfounded.


"Are you okay Vy?" Liam asked me. They are all looking at me. Tears are continuously falling from my eyes.. My heart is beating rapidly.

"I'm not... I want to go home." I said plainly. My mind was not processing what they are talking. I am physically and emotionally tired. I was lost in his touch again. I should be happy because I saw in his eyes that he was worried about me and he hugged me but why am I feeling this pain. I can't explain it... Pain invades my heart.

"I'll drive you home" Harry said and went to his room to get his key car.

"I'm coming home with you Vyvonne" Anna said he was looking at Zayn. She was waiting for Zayn's approval.

"NO... I want to be alone please." I said my voice was cracking. I need time to think. I need time to be alone. These past few weeks have been tough for me. I need to find myself again. I was lost since Niall and I were together.

I am an independent lady, I don't care what people think or what will people will say. I am strong. I don't want to depend on someone. I build walls around me for others not to come into my life so quickly but Niall broke those walls. He showed the other side of me. Before I was wearing a mask to hide my feelings. For other's to think that I am strong. He takes off my mask and made me realized that I'm fragile and someone has to take care of me like a typical lass. He made me realize that I am still a girl. I guess I need to wear that mask again.

"Let's go Vy" Harry pulled me thru his car.



"Hey Vy you okay? Do you want me to stay?" Harry said. I shook my head. He is such a gentleman.

"Why is life so hard?" I said under my breath but loud enough for him to hear me.

"Remember that life was never easy, but it's definitely worth living for, behind the pains and struggles we have encountered we learn the best things. Vy it gives us hundreds of reasons to cry but you know it also gives us unlimited reasons to smile. I guess the lesson you must learn is next time don't be a fool when it comes to love, get inside now it's cold out here. Give me a call when you need a friend." He said and kissed me on my forehead.

"Thank you Hazza" then I hugged him back.


                “Hey Hazza why did you call in the middle of the night” I said. I was so sleepy. One week has passed since the last time I saw Niall.

“Get dressed Vy, I’m going to pick you up” Harry said on the other line

“What? Why? Are you crazy I am still sleepy” I groaned.

“We were going to the bar with the other lads please” He is unbelievable, why can’t I resist his charms. No wonder lass is going crazy for him.

“Hey Vy are you still there?” he said.

“Yeah… Is she coming?” I was pertaining to that bitch, if she comes it will ruin my mood.

“I think. I don’t know, maybe… Vy please come it’s been ages since the last time we hang out and party. We missed how you rock the dance floor, you’re wild and ho-“ I cut his words. God that Curly is in his pervert mode again, Nialler won’t let me near the dance floor because I dance till the world ends, I party hard, I drink hard.

“Stop it Hazza, Ok. Ok I’m coming” I chuckled. It’s been ages since the last time I went out to the bar maybe I should enjoy myself, maybe just for this night.

                I am wearing my black halter dress  just above my knees and my 4 inch  red stiletto and of course the locket that Nialler gave to me. I never remove that.

I heard a knock on my door and I was right it was Harry the curly boy. He was wearing a long sleeve and his famous skinny jeans. His curls made him more handsome.

“Wow Vy you look so hot” he said then he smirked at me.

“Hey curly, your charm is not working on me” I chuckle. I miss this feeling. It was so light.

“I know, I know, Are you  ready?” then he kisses me on my cheeks.

“Definitely, you know how much I miss hanging out with you and the other lads” we’re walking towards his range rover car. He opens the passenger seat for me; such a gentleman.

Can I ask you a tiny favor?” I looked at his eyes.

“Yeah sure, what is it?”

“Please forget about him just for tonight. I want you to enjoy this night. I want you to be happy. I want to see the old Vyvonne the carefree and blissful Vyvonne. The Vy who rocks the dance floor” he said while laughing. Maybe he was right. I also miss rocking the dance floor like we used to do.


Flashes of different colors of lights are striking to the place. You can hear a loud music and a massive crowd dancing wildly. We’re on Buddah Bar. I miss this place. The scent of alcohol mixing  with the scent of the cigarette smoke. Well I must say I will enjoy this day like harry asked me to do. I will ignore that bitch if she was here and also Nialler.

“Hey I thought you were not coming Vy” El said he place a kiss on my cheeks. She was drop dead gorgeous on her outfit as always. She has a good taste when it comes to fashion.

“Well thanks to Hazza for being an annoying person, that’s why I am here” I said whilst putting my huge grin on my face”

“Hey Love you look hot and gorgeous” Louis said while giving me a bear hug. He was drunk and I can smell it.

“So let’s start the party” I said  and then we went to a VIP room. I saw Nialler and that girl in the VIP room but I didn’t mind them. I will enjoy this day. Drink hard and Party hard.

I glance my eyes on the whole place. My dear friends are currently snogging in the bar. Now I know what Hazza felt before we he always see us snogging every time.

“Hazza let’s rock the dance floor” I pulled him, he was quite drunk. I can feel that the alcohol is getting into my system. I love this feeling I feel numb and free; free from pain, stress and from him.


I rock the dance floor. I dance  freely, widely. I sway my hips and followed the beat of Rihanna’s We Found Love I don’t care what will people say or what will people see.

“Vy I’m tired let’s get back to the lads” Hazza said. I am getting used of his company lately.

“Yeah sure but before that let’s go to the bar counter to get some drinks” I said to Harry he smiled at me

“One margarita please, and a vodka” I said to the bartender

“Are you having fun?” Harry whispered in my ears. The music is so loud.

“Yes Thank you Hazza” I hugged him. I don’t know what to do without Hazza.


We went back to the VIP room and the lads are all drunk except for Liam and Niall, El and Dani bid their goodbye to us. Anna was sitting next to Zayn; his head was rested on her shoulder, such a sweet couple. The bitch was also drunk.

“Hey wifey how are you. I miss you” I said to Anna. She was looking at me and then she smile. I know she has something in her mind. That mischievous grin of her I know she was up to something.

“I’m fine wifey. God I miss how you call me like that. It has been ages since the last time I remember you call me wifey.” She said, she was looking at Nialler and Nialler was looking at us.

“I know, I’m sorry. I forbid you because MY BOYFRIEND used to call me like that” I laugh. I was emphasizing the BOYFRIEND word Oh mu god what am I doing. I take another sip on my margarita.

“Right Wifey and Hubby what a sweet endearment. So what happened to your boyfriend?” Anna asked as if she doesn’t know the whole story.

“He has an amnesia and he forgets about me like I never existed” I said under breath but it was loud for Anna and him to hear it.

“I am sorry, please continue your story” Nialler said. I was shocked. Pain is striking through my heart again. Sending me daggers that  continuously stabbing my heart.

“Our perfect love story was wrecked by a horrible accident. I’d been hospitalized for three months and he got amnesia, then I found out that someone is pretending to be. My boyfriend believed in her.” I said. I am breaking down, my tears are streaming down my cheeks. I immediately wipe it. I promised to Hazza that I will forget about them just for today.

“----I am sorry for being such a cry baby” I added… I saw pity in his eyes. I saw hurt in his deep blue orbs.

“Excuse me I’ll just go to the powder room” Anna said. Niall and I were left in the room with the other lads that are currently sleeping.

“Why don’t you tell your boyfriend that you’re his real girlfriend” he said, I was shocked by his words.

“If you were my boyfriend and I would tell you that I am your real girlfriend would you believe in me Nialler?”





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