A Sad Beautiful Tragic Love Affair

They say that you don't know what you got until it's gone. but the truth is you know what you had, you just never thought you would lose it.

The memories haunts, they just come screaming at me in flashbacks..... -Niall Horan

I remember everything but the cruelest thing of all is wondering if he moved on. - Vyvonne Lopez

I can't be happy..... it's impossible at this point -Niall Horan

Then he found me.. i can't decide if either keeping him or losing him will hurt more... -Vyvonne Lopez


10. Breakdown, Fighting


                Anna and Zayn picked me up to go to the lad’s flat for dinner. I was so excited to see them especially Eleanor and Danielle. I am wearing a blue dress that Nialler gave to me

“Hey you’re gorgeous” Zayn complimented me, I can feel that my cheeks were burning. I have to look fabulous for him to notice me.

“I’m always gorgeous Zaynie” I always call him Zaynie and he hates it. He said that it sounded like a gay but it thinks it’s cute.

“Are you ready?” Anna asked me. She was so pretty in her black dress.

“Yes I already baked some cupcakes and cooked some pasta” Awhile ago I was so busy cooking pasta and cupcakes—Nialler loves my pasta and Harry loves my cupcakes as well as the other lads.

“Ok then lets go. I am starving” Zayn said then he picked the things that we will bring to the dinner. I was excited to see Niall maybe he could remember me if I wore the dress that he gave to me a month before the accident.

I was looking at Anna and Zayn, I admire their love story. I admire Anna for fighting for Zayn. At first Zayn don’t want her; he always pushed her away but still she didn’t give up on Zayn. Their relationship has been through up and down but still they are together.

“Hey we're here” Zayn said I was spacing out again. I never imagine things will be like this. I thought when I wake up after the accident Niall will be on my side—waiting for me but I was wrong. I am completely wrong. Life is full of twist we will never know what will happen next. We expect things will be that way but it’s not.

I know what I got I never thought I would lose it. If only I could go back to the time and change it but I can’t. Niall gave me all his love but I gave him was a goodbye. I should have fought.


I gazed my eyes on the lads flat. It was the same since I left, If only things will be also the same again—Niall is mine and he could remember me. We were so in love, dancing freely, watching derby and eating too much.

“Hey Vy how are you? You owe us some explanation dear” El said whilst hugging me. She was gorgeous as ever and even getting more gorgeous with her outfit

“I’m fine I miss you” I was looking at her eyes and she was sending me a look that’s telling me that you’re not okay

“We should have a girl’s night out like we always do, to catch up things” El suggested. I think it was a good idea to catch up with them I am being left behind.

“That’s a great idea El, Hey sweetie I miss you. Oh god is that the dress that Nialler gave to you?” Dani said she hugged me and gave me peck on my cheeks.

“Boys are not allowed” Anna said whilst looking at his clingy boyfriend here—Zayn. I’ve never seen him like that before. He has been always right behind her since the day we arrive here in London.

“Where are the lads?” I asked them.

“In the living room” Dani said.

“Excuse me, I’ll just go there” I said to them as I walked towards the living room my heart is beating like a drum. Memories were flashing back to me. Niall and I used to cuddle in the living room.

“Ahem.” I fake cough to get their attention, they were all busy; Liam was watching TV, Lou and Harry are busy holding iPhone I bet they were tweeting and Niall and that bitch were busy cuddling.

“Vy you’re here… where’s the cupcakes?” Harry said, he went towards me and gave me a peck on my cheeks

“Hazza… don’t you miss me? They are in the kitchen” I said then Harry hugged me and he whisper “Don’t mind them please”

“Boo bear, don’t hug Vy. I am getting jealous”Louis said while faking a cry

“Shut up boo bear” Harry said whilst laughing. Oh God I miss their bromance. If Lou doesn’t have a girlfriend I would think that they are gays.

“I thought we had something special” Louis said still faking a cry

“Enough guys. Hi Vy, how are you? You look gorgeous” Liam said, and then gave me a quick kiss on my cheeks

“I’m always gorgeous Li”I hugged him. I saw Niall and that bitch on the coach. She’s giving me a sharp look, believe me she is so ugly when she do that. Niall was walking towards us and that bitch remained in the coach. She should be stuck on that couch forever or even more she should disappear.

“Hi Vy nice to see you again” then he hugged me. I was shocked. I could not explain my feelings. I feel happy and sad at that moment. I was frozen and my breathing becomes hard, current of electricity were continuously running all over my body. I never thought he would hug me nor greeted me. I can feel that my eyes were burning then a hot fluid was flowing on my cheeks. I miss his hugs and his scent. I miss this feeling.

“Hey why are you crying?” then he wipes my tears using his thumb. When he touches my face he give me a shiver.

“Hey hubby I am hungry common let’s eat” then that girl clings her arms to Niall’s arms. She looked at me then gave me her famous evil grin.

What happened here?”El asked she was looking at the lads. “Are you ok?” El said. The lads went to the dining room I and El left in the living room. I was still in shock.

“I miss him so much” I blurt it out. She was still looking at me with a confuse look.

“When he hugged me a while ago, he was sending me shiver on my body. My knees become weak. I miss the feeling that every time he used cuddle me. I missed what we are before” I was crying in front of her while smiling. I know I looked like an idiot but I can’t help to smile every time I remember how we are before I left him, before the accident.

“Hush now Vy, everything will be okay we are here for you. I know you are in a hard situation. Please don’t give up on him” El hugged me. El, Dani and Anna are my best friends I ever had. I thank God for giving them to me.

“Common let me fix your makeup. You have to look for him. God Niall didn’t know what he is missing.” She said and I smiled at her.


After El fixed my makeup we went to the dining room for the dinner.

“Hey where have you been? We were so hungry” Harry groaned

“Sorry” El said and seated next to Louis.

“Hey Vyvonne sit here” Hazza said. I know what he was thinking, before I was seated next to Niall. I can’t stand this anymore; she has taken all that I have. I never thought this might happen in real life scenario. I only watch this kind of scenario in movies.

I took the seat beside Hazza.

“Try the pasta Vy cooked that for us, we also have cupcakes for desserts” Dani broke the awkwardness forming inside the dining room.

“Can we shift to dessert now? God I miss her cupcakes so much, those are the best cupcakes that I ever tasted” Harry said. He is acting like a kiddo.

“I miss this pasta, El can’t copy the taste of your pasta” Louis said

“Shut up and just eat peasant” El said then she give Lou a wide eyed look.

“I prefer Anna’s cooking remember that lads; the egg waffle” Zayn said with a huge grin on his face.

“This is a mouth watering” Niall said. We are all in silence.

“You should cook a lot for us. I mean I love your pasta. Wifey can’t cook pasta she’ll end up burning the house” He said that with his mouth full of pasta. One of those many things that Niall loves me is how I always cooked good foods for them.

I looked at the girl and she was fuming mad in her reaction. They said that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Sorry bitch you can take my identity, My Niall but you can’t take away my skills in cooking and designing clothes.

“There’s nothing special in her pasta. It’s so ordinary” that bitch ranted.

“Wifey where’s your manners, apologies to her. Don’t be rude at her” Niall said whilst looking at that girl. I was celebrating inside of me now. We are even now.

“I am sorry Vy” she said with her puppy eyes. She is the best actress I’ve ever know she should be awarded for being the best actress for a Grammy.

“I’m done” then she walk out the table.  She is so pissed at me. Well I didn’t do anything.

“I’m sorry Vy if she acted that way just continue eating” then he followed that bitch.


                I was in the kitchen to wash the dishes. I’ve volunteered because I missed doing the household chores. Hello I’ve been stacked on a bed for three months.

“So you’re back?”I know that annoying voice, who could ever forget that voice. I turned around to look at her. Her appearance was so damn annoying. I continue to wash the dished. I don’t have time for a cat fight. I will not go down to her level.

“Niall is mine, so back off, he loves me” She went towards me and held my hand tight. Vy hold your temper please I said to myself. She was still holding my hands. Her grip becomes tighter and I think it will leave a mark.

“I’ll do everything to get rid of you. He is mine… all mine. Stay away from him, we love each other. He doesn’t love you anymore understand” She said. She looks like an idiot so desperate. I’ve tried my very best to hold my temper. Then she walks away before he could exit the kitchen

“He loves you? Really? Oh common stop dreaming whoever you are. Niall only loves you because you’re pretending to be me. You are so desperate.” I answered back I can’t hold my temper anymore. She walks towards me again and slapped me on my face.

“Truth hurts honey, you’re a stealer, a pretender, a bitch, and he will never love you” I slapped her back then walk away. She was left there dumfounded. Poor bitch.


                The lads decided to watch a film. I never told anybody about the incident in the kitchen.

“What shall we watch?” Liam said we are here in the living room

“Lady & the Tramp” Harry suggested. That curly is acting like a kid again. He was busy text or tweeting.

“How about a love story?” Dani suggested.

“That’s lame, I’ll go for horror or action” Louis said

“How rude of you Lou, I’ll go with Dani” El said she was in the arms of Louis; cuddling

“We should try A walk to remember” Anna said while looking at me. That movie was the first movie that I and Niall watch together.

“That’s great, Yehey girl power wins again” El said said she was also looking at me

“Okay then it’s A walk to remember we will be watching” Liam said while putting the CD on the player

Before when we watch movies together it’s always by partner; Liam with Danielle, Eleanor with Louis, Zayn with Anna and I with Niall, but this time it was different. Niall is with that girl and I was seated next to Hazza.

The movie was starting and they were all busy cuddling except for Hazza and me. Whenever we decided to watch a movie it always end up to a cuddling session. The movie was playing but we never watched it because we were so busy cuddling our love ones.

I gazed my eyes at Niall. He was seriously watching the movie and that bitch was disturbing him. Her head was lying on Niall’s lap.

“Hubby” the bitch said whilst holding Niall’s hand. She was totally getting into my nerves. She didn’t have the right to call Niall hubby as well as Niall call her wifey. She didn’t know where that endearment came from.

Anna used to call me wifey because it is our best friend endearment. Anna was the one who taught Niall to call me wifey because Niall thought that my name is wifey. I usually call him hubby when I and Anna talked about him. You know secret code thingy. I was also a great fan of One Direction. Thanks to Anna and Fate because they brought us together.

“Yes wifey” then Niall kissed her on her forehead. Okay what’s that for? I hate him for forgetting me. Of all the people he could forget why me?

“Do you love me?” She asked Niall then she turned around to face Niall.

“Yes of course” Niall kissed that bitch on her lips full-time. They were completely snogging. I can feel a hot fluid id running through my cheeks. I can’t believe what Nialler did… I… I just can’t accept that he doesn’t remember me

“Excuse me I have to go home” I manage to say that before I run out the house. I can’t bear to see them kissing. I can’t stand to see him with another girl. It hurts. Hell it freaking hurts.

“Hey you okay?” Harry said. I shook my head to tell him that I am not okay, I will never be okay. I can’t be strong all the time. I can’t pretend to be strong anymore when the truth is I am not. He is my strength and weakness. Harry hugged me and tapped me on my back.

“Sometimes people need a good cry for them to let their feelings out. Let it out Vy I know you’re in pain now” I hugged him back. He was a good friend.

“Hazza… Why of all the people he could forget… why is it me? I know I’ve hurt him before but I regret everything… Seeing him so happy with her hurts a lot… Is this fate is repaying me for leaving him huh?” I cried harder in his arms.

“Don’t say that Vy, come-on let’s go back inside, they are all worried about you”

“I need to tell him Harry, I must tell him that I am his real girlfriend, I cannot take it anymore”

“Not yet Vy, we have to find a right time” he said whilst wiping my tear using his thumb

“Tell me when will be the right time huh Hazza? Can’t you see that he is already in love with her? I want to bring back our life together. I want to Nialler to remember to love me again” I am drowning with my tears. All I know is I am in pain right now and I can’t take this shit anymore.


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