A Sad Beautiful Tragic Love Affair

They say that you don't know what you got until it's gone. but the truth is you know what you had, you just never thought you would lose it.

The memories haunts, they just come screaming at me in flashbacks..... -Niall Horan

I remember everything but the cruelest thing of all is wondering if he moved on. - Vyvonne Lopez

I can't be happy..... it's impossible at this point -Niall Horan

Then he found me.. i can't decide if either keeping him or losing him will hurt more... -Vyvonne Lopez


17. Beautiful Magic Love

Vyvonne’s Point of View

Invitation letters are filled up on my table. Everybody wants me to be their guest at their party. Well who I am to reject their invitations. Since the day I have left London I’d decided to pursue my dreams here in New York City. Fate was so good to me. I am now in the peak of my success as one of the New York’s famous designer and model.



I always kept myself busy to be able to forget him. I’d drown myself at work. I always kept in my mind that nothing is important than work. I may sound bitter but NO! I’m not; I know this is the only way to forget our Sad Beautiful Tragic Love Story in London.



It’s been a year—a year without him, a year that I am still trying my very best to forget about him, a year of fooling myself with my own misery, a year of trying to convince myself that I don’t love him.  It’s only a year but I feel like it’s been an eternity. I wonder how he was… I’ve never heard any news about him since I left or should I say that since he pushed me away. I never want to hear any news about him. I hoped he was happy now with her, with their baby. I cut all my connections with them as well as my only best friend Anna. I am starting to miss that girl.



“Hey Miss Yvonne, Mr. Smith is on the other line” Bea said she was my secretary and one of my closes friends here in New York. I nod to her and picked up the phone.


“Hello Mr. Smith how may I help you?” I said to him. Mr. Smith was the one who helped me to reach my dreams. He knew everything about me. He treated me like his real daughter. He made what I am today. YVONNE LO, a famous model and designer, the owner of LO clothing line here in New York. I’ve tried to forget that I am Vyvonne Lopez. I’ve tried to bury that in my past. I’ve tried to move on.


“Just to remind you that you have to send me your new designs for London’s expansion before weekends” he said on the other line. Oh God I’ve almost forgotten about that. I massage my temple. Damn it London’s expansion was stressing me out.


“Uh… Yes I’ll send it before weekend” I said coldly.


“Is there anything wrong sweetie?” he said his voice was filled with concern.


“Nu—nothing” I lied. I wasn’t okay with the idea of expanding in London. I know it was a big market for my company but I am scared. I am afraid to see him again. I am scared to feel the pain again. I know it’s been a year but I just can’t forget about him. He is so special to me, he’ll always be. He’ll always will.


“I know what’s bothering you Vyvonne” he always calls me by my real name when we were talking in private. How can I forget about my past when he always reminds me of who I am? My true identity that is stolen away from me. Who’s the real me—Vyvonne Lopez, the girl has been in love with an Irish member of a famous boy band One Direction who just happens to be Nialler James Horan.


“It’s time to face your fears now young lady… how can you fully move on if you are still afraid of your past? It’s been a year. You can’t run from him all your life. You have to face him whether you like it or not. It’s the only way for you to know if you still love him or not. The only way for you to be happy and free yourself from your past.” Maybe he was right, maybe I should face him. I know he is happy now because one of his dreams came true to have his own family but the sad part is I am not part of that dream that we planned together. I don’t want to suffer all my life because of my love for him. He moved on and I should move on too.


“I guess so. Thank you Mr. Smith, I’ll hang this up. I have a meeting, you take care huh”


“Ok bye, take care too and remember what I’ve told you” then he hangs up the phone. I rest myself in my chair and took a deep breath I wish I could able to face him again. I wish I had the courage to see him again.



I scan the invitations that were filled up on my table. Some are invitations from a party of celebrities and some are invitation for me to be their guest speaker, but one caught my attention it was a pink invitation it was from Top shop they were inviting me for their weekly fashion show. I want to go there because Top shop was one of my favorite clothing lines. I’ve checked the date written on the invitation. The same date that I and Niall supposed to celebrate our anniversary. I mentally slapped myself. I should not think of him because he wasn’t thinking of me. I should learn to let go of him like the way he let go of me.


“Miss Yvonne your phone is ringing and here are the documents you have to sign for the London’s expansion” Bea said whilst placing the documents at the top of my table.


“Um—thank you, you may go” I said. I looked at my phone and see who's calling but it was from unregistered number. I press the answer key.


Yvonne Lo, how may I help you?” I said on the other line, nobody is answering on the other line. I only heard a heavy breathing. “—Who’s this?” I said. Again I don’t get any response from the other line. “Ok then I’ll hang up the phone, by-“




“I miss you” then the line was disconnected. I know that voice. I miss that voice it’s been a year since the last time I heard that voice. Tears are slowly streaming down my cheeks. How did he find out my number? It can’t be I was just imagining. It was all a prank called. I tried to convince myself. I tried to dial the phone number and it was out of coverage.



                What if it was Niall? My past is haunting me I know I can’t run or hide from it but I was not ready to face it, not now. I felt like it was all yesterday the pain is still here. I remember it all too well.

“Miss Yvonne what do you think about that idea?” one of the designer said. “Hey Miss Yvonne you okay?” Bea whispers to me. I was spacing out. I could not focus on the meeting. He was interrupting my thoughts. “Yeah that’s great. Send your presentation at my office by the day's end and I’ll review it again. You can go now” I said to the designer and end up our meeting. I know it’s useless to continue it because I am spacing out.

“Bea, be ready because you will come with me to the Top shop weekly fashion show. Clear my entire schedule this coming Saturday and send the new design to Mr. Smith for the London Expansion.” I stated I know she’ll again why am I spacing out. She doesn’t know about my past. I kept it as a secret. No one should know about it.


                Flashes of cameras are all I can see as we walked on the red carpet of the venue. I saw so many celebrities and my Co designers at the fashion show. I am wearing a black long gown that was exposing my back. I feel so sexy on it because it hugs my figure and exposing my curves. I design it myself so that I can feel so unique that no one could copy my work.

Bea and I were seated in the VIP seats that were given to us. The fashion was so extravagant. The models are so good on the runway. One model caught my attention; it looks like Eleanour I glanced my eyes on the whole place there I saw Louis sitting alone. Thank god he was alone. He never changed he still love El and support her full-time just like the old times. She was lucky to have Louis as his fiancée.

The light dimmed and all of the models made their last walk on the runway. The last one who ramps at the runway was the designer. It was a successful fashion show like always. The designer made his speech and thank everybody for coming at their event. I stood up and ready to go. I don’t want Louis to see me.

“Bea we’re going to leave now, I’m beat” I said to her and she follows me, before I could get out on the establishment I saw Louis at the door.

“Where do you think you’re going Vy?” he was walking towards me. I act like I don’t hear him. He grabbed my right hand. I looked at him with a blank expression. I looked at Bea and she looked at me with a confuse look.

“Uh—Bea wait for me at the parking lot” I said to her. Lou dragged me away from the venue so that nobody can see us talking.

So how are you Vyvonne” he said. He’s still the same. The sassy Louis I’ve known. “You’ve changed a lot huh?” he added he was scanning at my physical appearance.

“I’m fine I’ll go ahead now. Nice seeing you again Lou. I have to go now” I said to him. I don’t want to have a conversation with him.

“Not so fast Missy, you owe us explanations” he said.

“I don’t have anything to explain Lou, and please don’t tell everyone that you saw me here. I am living a peaceful life now. Bye and take care” I said and I left him. I should be happy because I saw Lou again but I have to avoid him. I am not ready to face my past. I need more time, I went to the parking lot to meet Bea there. It was a quiet drive.

As soon as I went inside my flat. I grabbed my phone and checked it. There are so many messages. It was from Mr. Smith and to my other designer. There is a message from the same number who called me two days ago.

“Saw you a while ago. You never change you’re still beautiful like it was before. I miss you” Fresh salty water was dripping down my cheeks. Why am I crying I should not believe in this text message, it was all a pranked. But I feel so heavy.



                “You ready Vy?” Mr Smith said. He was coming with me in London.

“Yeah. I am all set” I said to him. I was nervous. So many what if’s are running at the back of my mind. I am praying that I wouldn’t see him in my entire week staying in London.  Calling all passengers boarding in London as I hear that phrase my heart pounded so fast.

“Hey don’t be nervous, everything will be alright okay” he said and held my hands. As soon as this expansion is over I will fly back to New York I don’t want to stay longer in that country. It brought out the best and the worst memories of my past.


Days have passed and things went all well about the expansion. Tomorrow will be launching the LO clothing line. It was a dream come true for me and Mr. Smith I can see that all my hard work were paid. I never went out and explore London. All I did was to go to work and be home after work. London was a small city for me. I am afraid that we might see each other on the streets. I have never contacted Anna because I’m afraid she might tell Zayn that I am here. I know she can’t keep secret from Zayn.

“We should go for a coffee break Vy, let’s go to Starbucks before we went to the studio for your interview.” Mr. Smith suggested. I nod at him. We went to the Starbuck to grab some coffee.

“What do you want Vy?” he asked me.

“Caramel macchiato will be fine” I said to him and gave him my sweetest smile. He stood up and when to the counter.

“Vyvonne?” I heard a lady was calling it was so familiar. I looked at her and saw my best friend—Anna “Oh my god am I dreaming? Vy you’re here.” she stated she was tearing a bit she run towards me and hugged me tight. I can’t believe what’s happening right now it was like a dream. I miss her so much. Her scent was still the same she smells like Vanilla.

“Hey how are you” I said to her and smile.

“I’m perfectly fine, how about you? What happened to you. I can’t believe that you are in front of me right now. I’ve searched everywhere to find you.” She was being hysterical again. I know I owe her some explanations.

“Hey calm down Missy, I’m fine and I am doing great now.” I said to her. She was still crying like an idiot. I handed her a tissue to wipe her tears. “You haven’t changed” I stated.

“I know. You look so different now. You become more beautiful that it was before” she stated. I giggled at her compliment.

What happen to you Vy?” she asked again.

“Well I live in New York now and pursue my dreams there.” she was looking at me like she was scanning the whole me.“so what’s new about you?” i asked her.

“I am getting married next month” she said and raise her hand with an engagement ring on it.

“Really? Who’s the lucky guy then?” I giggled and she pokes me.

“God it was Zayn all along. We never broke up. At last Vy.” She said with a huge grin on her face. I am so happy that she was ending up with the man she really love.

“Oh that’s great wifey, finally you end up with him.” I said.

“Vy you should go to my wedding and be my maid of honor. I want you to be there please. You know how much I’ve dreamt of this and I want you to be part of it.” she stated.

“Yes  I will for you, I should go now” I stood up and kiss her cheeks and bid my goodbye to her. She was so lucky to have Zayn as well as Zayn to have her. They have been through a lot of ups and downs and in the end they still have each other. I admire their  love story it was beautiful.

“Vy, we should go now were  running late.” Mr Smith said and he  handed me a cup of macchiato. We drive to the studio. I feel so nervous because it’s my first time to get interviews and appear on national television here in London. I know he might see me on the television.

“Don’t be nervous and just be yourself Vyvonne” Mr. Smith said and hugged me.

“Thank you so much Mr. Smith. I owe you all I have right now” I said to him and hugged him back. It was so great to have him. I went to the coach and sit there.

“In 3, 2, 1 action” I heard the director said.

“Hello everyone, welcome to the Today’s Show, I am Nathalie Steward and our guest for today is one of the famous designer and model in New York City, she owns the famous clothing line today the LO … she is Miss Yvonne Lo”

“Hi everyone” I made a small wave.

“So Yvonne how are you?” she asked me.

“I’m perfectly fine, it was an honor to be in your show” I flashed my sweetest smile. I can feel that my hand is sweating. I am so nervous.

“How do you reach your success? You’re so famous now” she started to question me.

“I worked hard for it and put my 100% effort on it. At first it wasn’t easy because there are so many famous clothing line in New York. I’ve strived hard to get the same level as they are now.”

“Who inspire your be go on and pursue what you are having now”

“My inspiration was my family, they mean a lot to me and I want to give them a good life and a better future.”

“Are you dating anyone?”

“No… I don’t I am focused at my work”

“Is there a person who is so special to you?” Yes there is. Niall was so special to me.

“No I don’t have” I lied.

“So let’s play a game Yvonne, I’ll show you some picture and you’ll tell me what come first in your mind”

“Okay” she showed the first picture was a dress

“Fashion” she showed the second picture was a car

“Accident” the third picture was a necklace

“Infinity” the fourth letter was a letter

Words that have never been said” the last picture was the name of ONE DIRECTION

“Niall Horan”I said under my breath but clear enough to hear them. I bowed my head and I heard that the crowd goes wild.

“Speaking of Niall Horan, please welcome Niall Horan of One Direction” as I heard her say that my tears suddenly fall from my eyes. No it can’t be. This was all I dream. I looked at the man beside me and it was him. He was Niall.

“So Niall how are you?” the interviewer said.

“I’m fine.” I heard him say that. I could not look in his direction because I am holding my second wave of my tears.

“So I let you talk alone” the interviewer said. I could only feel my heart beating so fast at that moment. I feel so nervous they said that if you are nervous it is either you feel excitement or fear but this time I can feel them both

So Vy how are you it’s been a long time since the last time I saw you” he said he faced at me and held my chin so that I could look at him.

“I’m fine how about you?” I asked him coldly. As much as I wanted to look at him I can’t. I have to hold back my tears from falling. I can feel the lumps on my throat “Are you married?” I asked him out  of nowhere.

“Yes I am..” everything went into a slow motion, Pain is all I can feel by his answer I shouldn’t ask that question . I should remain silent. Tears are streaming down my face. All I want was to go out of here and leave this country immediately.


“—Going to be married  if the girl I love will say yes to me. Vyvonne Lopez or should I say Yvonne Lo will you spend the rest of your life with me?” he knelt down on his knee, he was holding a red box showing an eternity ring he found me.. I can't decide if either keeping him or losing him will hurt more... If I lose him again I know I will break again. I love him and I’ll always will.





“Yes I will marry you hubby”







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