A Sad Beautiful Tragic Love Affair

They say that you don't know what you got until it's gone. but the truth is you know what you had, you just never thought you would lose it.

The memories haunts, they just come screaming at me in flashbacks..... -Niall Horan

I remember everything but the cruelest thing of all is wondering if he moved on. - Vyvonne Lopez

I can't be happy..... it's impossible at this point -Niall Horan

Then he found me.. i can't decide if either keeping him or losing him will hurt more... -Vyvonne Lopez


4. A trip to Nandos

She was in a white room standing at the edge of a hospital bed. She was looking at a girl who had so many medical apparatus that are connected to her entire body. Tears are forming on the edge of her eyes that gives her a blurry vision. If only she could do something to make her feel alright she will definitely do it. If only she could switch places with her she will do it. 

"Is she progressing?" She asked a man wearing a doctor's uniform. 

"She's not. We still have to observe her." He was looking at a clipboard with some bond papers on it. 

"Why she's not waking up? Tell me doc is she in a critical situation? Is she going to wake up or not?" Tear suddenly streaming down her face. She can't help it. She loves her so much. She is only her family. Ever since her both parents die and she was the one who has survived in the car accident when she was little, Vyvonne was there to keep her; she treated Anna like his own sibling. 

"Please have faith in her" the doctor said.

 "Is there anything we can do?" She asked him. She was looking at Vyvonne. 

"We can refer you to the other hospital, maybe in New York. They have a complete facility and advance medical knowledge." She nods her head. She thinks that maybe in New York Vyvonne could progress. The doctor immediately exited the room. She picked up her phone and calls her boyfriend

"Hello babe" Zayn picked up the phone

"Yes hello.. How are you?" He could tell by Anna’s voice that she's not ok. Since the accident their relationship was also being affected. Anna was too busy looking at Vyvonne at the hospital. They don't spend time with each other unlike those old times. Every time that she makes a phone call to him it's not about how they used to tell stories about their day but it's about what is the condition of Vyvonne. Zayn misses her girl so much but he can't do anything about it because he knows that Vyvonne was so important to her.

 "I'm not..." Her voice broke down. She was crying on the other line

"How was she?" If only he could give visit to Vyvonne to see what's happening to her. If only the management knows about what's happening to Vyvonne and they don't forbid their relationship, things would be a lot of easier.

 "She wasn't doing great. I feel like every time I am seeing her lying on the bed. And every time I see her almost dying. It breaks my... Heart. I wanted to replace her. If only I could babe...I would definitely do that. She means a lot to me." All she could think was Vyvonne's condition.

"Don't say that babe. . . Please don't. Just be strong we can make it through. I will never leave you I promise. She’ll be ok." Those encouraging words felt that she was being unfair to his boyfriend all he could ever think was her best friend's condition. She was not thinking about what Zayn would feel if she was in Vyvonne's condition she was being unfair in their relationship.

"I am sorry babe if our relationship is also being affected. Am I being unfair to you?"

"Nuh. I understand you completely; in the end things will be ok, between you and me. Just please be strong. I'll be on your side always."

"I hope and pray that things will be ok so that we could get back to our own lives."

"I hope so. Babe I'll call you later we have to take Niall to Nandos. I'll tell you later the whole story later. You take care love. I love you"

 "Ok you too take care and thank you for completely understanding me I love you too." She hangs up the phone. An old lady with a black haired enters the room. She was with an Irish lady.

"How was she Anna?" the black haired lady asked. 

"Auntie she's not doing well" She said to Arlene Vyvonne’s mom. 

"Oh God! She was in a terrible situation. I hoped Niall could visit her. But he can't. He can't remember him at all" the Irish lady said. She was Maura Niall's mother. Vyvonne was so close to her. Maura loves Vyvonne so much. She treated Vyvonne as her own daughter, every time that she sees Niall and Vyvonne together she felt like Niall chooses the right girl.

“I know... I pity my daughter in her situation, she saves Niall’s life and yet he doesn’t remember her.” Arlene said while face palming. She seated on the chair near the bed and hold Vyvonne’s hands. Tears quickly escape through her eyes.

“I am sorry-“the Irish lady taps her shoulder.

“You don’t have to be sorry it’s not your fault it was an accident it’s nobody’s fault all we have to do is to pray for her and be with her.”

“What if transfer her to New York the doctor says that she has a large possibility to be cured?
Anna said whilst looking at Arlene.

“If that was the only way then we will. I’ll talk to her doctor” she stood up and immediately exited the room; Maura was still looking at Vyvonne.

“Poor Vyvonne she really loves me Niall so much. Why is this happening to them,” she palmed her face. “-I have to visit Niall are you coming?” she looks at Anna.

“Yeah sure... Auntie will be the one who’s taking care of her.” She said



                “Come on guys... go fast I’m starving,” Niall said to the lads. They were heading to Nandos as they promise to Niall that they were treating him too Nandos. 

“Don’t be too excited mate. . .” Harry said whilst walking, 

“but I’m starving and I want to eat PERi PERi chicken, it feels like years that I’ve never taste it. So please I’m begging you Louis to drive fast so we could get there immediately.” He pleaded the boys. 

“Wait mate I have to take this call.” Zayn said while holding his phone. 

“Ok mate hop in when you’re done.” Niall said.  

Hello babe where are you” the girl said on the other line

 “Where heading to Nandos why?” he answered back.

 “Maura is here and we’re planning to pay a visit to Niall.”

 “Ok let’s meet at Nandos. I bet Niall will be happy when he sees Maura,”

“Yeah sure we’ll go ahead bye.” Anna said

“Ok bye take care see you”


                Louis was driving while the other boys are busy texting and tweeting on their phones. He was bored on their trip to Nandos because first of all he doesn’t have any gadgets, second her mates won’t talk to him coz their too busy and third he was hungry.

“Lou I’m starving here. Please be fast” he was complaining to Louis because was slowly driving.

“Stop complaining. And here’s my phone and keep yourself busy.” Louis handed his phone to Niall. He was browsing Lou and play temple run 2 but he got bored so search for another applications. He keeps on playing and playing but he was easily got bored. He sees the twitter application and opened it and tweet “heading to Nandos with the lads” he miss using his tweeter because he was forbid to use it, many fans retweeted his tweet and many fans reply to that tweet. From Lou’s twitter he search his profile and read some tweets that was one month ago.

Niall Horan ‏@NiallOfficial

A massive thank you for all our fans. You are the best fans in the world.

Niall Horan ‏@NiallOfficial

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“Hey were here now so gimme back my phone.” Lou said he immediately close the twitter app. Why is he calling Vyvonne Wifey?



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