For The First

Charlotte Granger is your average teenager... into fashion, loves boy bands and would do anything for a Louis Vuitton purse. When she moves to London and starts her new high school, Royal Academy For Talented Students (RAFTS), she realizes that not everyone is her ideal person. Her eyes lay upon a boy that would change her life forever... but will it be for the best???


1. Mr and Mrs Granger

'Sorry, this chapter is quite long'

13/02/94 was an important day for most people in Dublin. A child was going to be born, a little girl, the first child to be born in 20 years. It was a special time because no one had experienced birth for a long time and now the time was here, people of Dublin were preparing.

Colin and Louise Granger were a very quiet couple and had been since Louise had suffered from cancer in her teen years. Colin had stood by her through the pain and stayed with her when she received news that she had a small chance of surviving. It was a depressing time and had been for many people in Dublin. Nevertheless, she fought the battle and won, and Colin and Louise went on to do amazing things.

Colin was being offered several jobs over in England, while Louise was running a very successful bakery in the center of Dublin. They made a lot of money and had saved enough to buy their perfect home. It was a cottage in a more peaceful part of Dublin. The cottage was spacious, it had 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a nicely decorated kitchen and a cosy front room. It was just right for a couple without children, but wanting to have some very soon. 

Speaking of children, Colin and Louise were also a wildly romantic couple and liked to rumble every now and then. 

'I am sure you know what I mean by rumble, haha'

It was early June when Louise received news that she was expecting. Colin's reaction was positive, just as she wanted and knowing that they were going to have a baby in 9 months, they prepared well for it. Louise went for a scan and found out she was having a baby girl. They decided to name her Charlotte Mary Granger and they were expecting her in March.

They didn't think anything would go wrong and things were going as planned until Louise went into labor on the 13th February. Colin started to panic and the people of Dublin did everything they could to make sure the baby was healthy and safe. 9 hours after Louise was taken into hospital, she finally got to hold little baby Charlotte in her hands for the first time. The nurses let Colin into the room where she was lying on the hospital bed, looking white as a sheet.

She handed him the baby and he looked straight into her eyes. A tear dropped from his eye and fell onto Charlotte's fragile head. He looked up at Louise and noticed something was wrong. The baby seemed to be fine, but Louise wasn't breathing. Blood was pouring out of her and he thought it was just the after birth but it was more. He put Charlotte into the tiny bed next to Louise and ran out the door. 

"NURSE! WE NEED A NURSE!!!" Colin shouted down the corridor.

5 nurses came rushing to help and shutting the door behind them, Colin was told to wait outside. His eyes were filling with tears and as he tugged at his shirt, the tears rolled down his face. He was in such a state and had bags under his eyes. One of the nurses came out and handed him little baby Charlotte wrapped in a cotton white blanket.

"Louise lost a lot of blood and we were not able to stop it. I'm sorry but your wife is... well, dead." Colin noticed the tone of her voice change and trying his hardest not to cry, he couldn't hold it in. The nurse held him tight and tried to calm him down. The only thing left to do was for Colin to take Charlotte home and raise her by himself.




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