Stole my heart


1. True loooovvveee

This girl named Taylor and this boy named Harry where walking down a street different ways. Its was Harry's birthday that day...when they got closer and closer he shouted 'PUSSSAAAAYY' she laughed a cute little laugh. He hadn't yet set eyes on her. But when he did it was love at first site. he went up to her and said 'Hi, im harry...i was wondering if you would like to come out for a drink tonight seen as its my birthday?' 'Hi Happy birthday, you look quite young but i would love to' 

They where in the 'barn and cows' They have been talking for around 3 hours. And Harry just wanted to kiss her. he said 'Let me kiss you' she said 'You have stolen my heart i would love it if you would do that' They kissed people started staring at them Taylor whisperd to Harry 'They don't know about us...' Harry stood up on the chair and said 'Can i have your attenion please.. there is a summer love in this very room it was the little things that made me steal her heart.. please raise your glasses for Taylor the love of my life' Everybody shouted 'HAYLOR' She went bright red but was loving it really!

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