Stole my heart


2. The day it all went wrong..

As they were loving life, Taylor got a text from Harry saying 'Look sorry this is our 5 month annerversery but I have been told i have to do a concert tonight sorry baby!' This was the night were Taylor thought her and Harry could..well.. you know but he had to cancel. She was so angry! She turned on her laptop and typed in and slowly thinking typed in 'Meet a man for a night' She booked someone call Gary...

So she meet him at a near b and b at7pm and the next thing she knew she was lying in bed in the morning at 8am with no one in the room.. There was money on the side and her phone was ringing it was Harry 'Hey baby you werntin bed when i came up last night??' she replied with 'Yeah I was erm.. im sorry' call ended_______

Taylor did not come back to there flat ever again.

One day Harry was walking past costa and as he lookedto his right in the little allyway was Taylor? He asked if she was ok. She was cold sick and tierd. 

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