My Cooking Teacher (Harry Styles Love Story)

**One Direction Not Famous* Snow Jane is a normal school girl. You know a few friends. Good grades in all her classes. She loves cooking. Well her life isn't all great at home. Her dad is abusive has been since her mum past away when she was 7. When a new teacher comes into the school. He changed her life around. When they fall in love can they hide it? Or will everyone find out? Read more and find out.


2. Telling Mr Styles About My Dad

Two days past. I got to school. I had a single Home Ec lesson. At the end of the day. So it was easy for me. I think. Emma and I were talking about somethings. The others joined us. They don't know my dad abuses me. I want a little of people to know. I mean I trust the other three but I don't want everyone to know.


When it came up to last lesson. Everyone walked in and sat down. My Styles smiled at me again. I smiled back to be polite. Zoe and I sat down. "Did you cut?" Zoe whispered. I nodded, "I was depressed a few weeks ago" I whispered. Zoe nodded.


Mr Styles got some sheets out. "Alright guys I want you to fill in how you went on cooking. Do not lie because I know how you all cooked. Some of you need a little more help and the rest are amazing" Mr Styles said. He handed us all a sheet. "We need to talk after Snow" Harry said.


Everyone oohed. My Styles glared at them. Yay teacher on my side for once. He got to his desk. Once I finished. I handed it up to My Styles. When he grabbed it. He saw my cuts and looked at me. I turned and walked off. Shit. Shit. Shit. No. He is going to ask. Fuck. 


I screamed in my head. Once lesson was over. I wanted to leave. "Ah Snow" My Styles said. Great just great. I stopped walking and turned around. Zoe looked at me sadly and walked out. I sighed and got to Harry.


"Sit down please" My Styles said. I sat on a chair. My Styles locked the doors. He sat on the table and looked at me. "Why did you lie yesterday?" My Styles asked.


I looked at him and stayed silent. "Listen you don't have to tell me but please don't lie" My Styles said. I wanted to keep my mouth shut but my brain decided to tell him. "My dad abuses me alright" I said. My Styles looked at me. 'The cuts?" My Styles asked.


"From my dad. Being alone at home. Well I have a friend she knows" I said. My Styles looked at me. "What Zoe?" He asked. I shook my head. "No another one she doesn't know nor do 2 more" I said. My Styles nodded. "Listen come over tonight and we can talk more okay" My Styles said.


I nodded.




I got to My Styles' house. Man it was huge. I knocked on the door. He answered and let me in. OMFG this inside was amazing and huge as well. When we got to the lounge. It was very white. Wow. We sat down and started to talk. He is really nice. "Some umm... My Styles..." "Call me Harry" Harry said cutting me off. I nodded. "So Harry what do you want to do?" I asked. He thought for about 3 minutes. "Twenty questions" Harry said. I nodded. 


"Name?" Harry asked.


"Snow Lacey Jane" I said.


"Age" Harry asked.


"17" I said.


"Family" Harry asked.


"Dad Steven and my mum passed away" I said.


"How?" Harry asked.


"I was out at the time" I said.


Harry nodded. "Friends?" He asked.


"Zoe, Emma, Mel and Sophie" I said.


"Favourite colour?" Harry asked.


"Pink" I said.


"Flower?" Harry asked.


"Rose" I said.


"Disney Character?" Harry asked.


"Ariel from the little mermaid" I said.


"I thought it would be Snow White" Harry said.


I shook my head.


"Favourite movie" Harry asked.


"Transformers" I said.


"TV Show?" Harry asked.


"Heartland" I said.


"Boyfriend?" Harry asked.


"Never had one" I said.


"What are you doing when you finish school?" Harry asked.


"Become a chef" I said.


Harry smiled, "Do you have a crush on me?" Harry asked.


"Maybe" I said.


Harry chuckled.


"Favourite food?" Harry asked.


"Hmm... Fried rice" I said.


"What do you like?" Harry asked.


"Dancing, singing, cooking, school (sometimes), reading, writing and being alone" I said.


"What do you dislike?" Harry asked.


"Hmm...  abusive people, sluts, jocks, pricks, people who think they are perfect" I said.


Once we finished. Harry told me his. Wow he has a lot. And he has a crush on me too.


"Will you be scared if I do something?" Harry asked.


I went to answer when Harry crashed his lips onto mine. I smiled and kissed back. Harry placed his hand on my cheek.





I know its a bit early and I am sorry but please








*No Hate


<3 :) ^__^

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