My Cooking Teacher (Harry Styles Love Story)

**One Direction Not Famous* Snow Jane is a normal school girl. You know a few friends. Good grades in all her classes. She loves cooking. Well her life isn't all great at home. Her dad is abusive has been since her mum past away when she was 7. When a new teacher comes into the school. He changed her life around. When they fall in love can they hide it? Or will everyone find out? Read more and find out.


1. New Term New Teacher

Hey readers this is my student/teacher love story please don't give me any hate.










*No Hate


:) <3 ^__^


Hey guys I am Snow Jane.

I am 17 years old and in year 12. Yay last year of high.

I have long brown curly hair and blue eyes. I am 5'8.

I live with my dad (Steven) who is abusive towards me. My mum died when I was 7 years old. I wish she was alive. But I sometimes get the feeling that dad killed mum.

I have 4 friends their names are Emma, Zoe, Sophie and Melissa. They are the ones who help me out with things. Emma I am more close to than anyone else. Her mother Chris treats me like her own daughter sometimes.

I like dancing, singing, cooking, school (sometimes), reading, writing, being alone.

I hate abusive people, sluts, jocks, pricks, people who think they are perfect

Well I have to go. I was nice meeting you.




I looked at the time and raced down the stairs. My dad was asleep thank god. But its worse. When he misses a beating is doubled whenever he can get to me. I am started year 12. It's going to be boring. But I get good grades because I study hard. 


When I got to school. I hugged my friends. "You okay?" Emma asked. I nodded. "Yeah he was asleep but I will get double tonight" I whispered.


People kept whispering. 'There is a new teacher and he is very young.' 'He just finished collage.' 'The new teacher is this years home ec teacher and he is really good. I have heard' 'I have also heard he is very strict.' People kept whispering.


When the bell rang I headed of to care. Yes my friends and I are in the same care class. Once we got there. The teacher handed us our timetables. I only had one lesson. Home Ec. My favourite subject. Dam Emma and I only have free's together.


I have Home Ec with Zoe. I am happy. At least I have a friend in my class. Once the bell rang. Zoe and I walked to lesson when we got there. A teacher was setting up. Must be the new teacher. He looked over at me and smiled. Zoe and I sat down. When the others walked in. The girls whispered. 'He is so hot and cute.' 'I want to marry him.' 


"Hello class I am the new teacher Mr Styles. I expect to have good cooking from you guys. If not it's fine but always try your hardest" Mr Styles said.


He has a posh accent. OMFG its so hot. "Okay class after I read out the role. You guys are all cooking. So I can see how good you are" My Styles said.


I put my hair up. Zoe saw the cuts on my arm and gasped. Mr Styles looked up. "Zoe is something wrong?" Mr Styles asked.


"No just remembered something" Zoe said.


Mr Styles nodded and continued to read the roll. Once he was finished. He handed us a sheet each. 'Pancakes.' "That is so easy" Jack (jock) said. Mr Styles glared at him. "Well I expect yours to be perfect than" Mr Styles laughed.


I am making chocolate chip pancakes. I grabbed what I needed and started to make the batter. 10 minutes later I finished making the pancakes. As Mr Styles that I was finished he walked over to me. He tried some. "Wow that is really good A+" Mr Styles said.


He put a mark in his book. He also took a photo of the pancakes. Zoe got an A- she was happy. The old teacher always gave her C- or C+'s. Mr Styles walked up to me. "Where did you learn to cook like that?" He asked.


"I had to learn my dad is always working so yeah. I need to fend for myself" I said.


Mr Styles nodded. As the bell rang. Everyone walked up. I walked out and got to the study room.



Mr Styles' POV


Snow lied to me. Why did she lie? I need to know and find more about her. My next class walked in. This is going to be fun year 8's. "Alright class I need you to write down these rules on the board when you are done we will go over everything you are doing this term" I said.


The class nodded. I gave them each a booklet;



Snow's POV


I got home after a long boring day of school. Home ec was good. I love it. My dad was sitting on the couch. A bottle in his hand. "SNOW WHERE WERE YOU THIS MORNING?" Dad yelled. "School dad" I said. 


Dad walked around the corner. He walked up and started to beat the shit out of me. "Dad stop. What have I done?" I asked. "You were born that's what" Dad shouted. Tears fell. Dad used to be nice until my mum died. I don't know how though. I was out at the time.





I got to Emma's house. I knocked. Her mum answered and let me in. "Oh sweetie" Chris said. Chris and my mum were good friends. Just like Emma and myself. Chris hugged me. "Why does he hate me?" I asked crying. Chris rubbed my back. Emma walked up.


"OMG Snow" Emma said and hugged me. "You can stay the night" Chris said. "Thank you" I said.


I thanked Chris. Emma was hugging me. Emma always cheers me up no matter what mood I am in she finds a way. I showed her my wrist. "Oh babe" Emma said. Tears fell, "I'm sorry just with everything dad has done its made me feel worthless and all this" I cried.


Emma rubbed my back. "Well you aren't worthless your mum brought you an amazing, beautiful and kind girl into this world. And if your dad can't see that screw him" Emma said.


I smiled and looked at Emma. "There is the smile I love to see" Emma said. I chuckled.

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