A nerdy, quiet school girl by day; a bad ass gang member by night. Racy Scotts has a secret that no one knows, but what happens when her two worlds collide? People will discover secrets un-told, when they enter dangerous conditions. Loved ones will get hurt, but all will get worse when a trigger is pulled.


1. Chapter One


We all walked along the path on a cold, dark night. The full white moon was high in the clear sky and little stars sparkled away. Our hoods were up and our dark jackets were zipped. Leather gloves covered our hands and black masks hid our faces. All that was bare was our eyes.

We called ourselves the ‘Night Crawlers’, ‘NC’ for short. There were six of us in total; four guys and two girls. You could say that we are the most intimidating gang there was out there. People see us on the street, their initial reaction is to run and stay out of our way. Roaming the silent streets at night, our faces covered with black masks, we make sure that no one – I mean no one – steps onto our territory.

If we do come across someone that does step onto our grounds, well, let’s just say they will need a lot of luck to survive. We don’t leave anyone against us, free. We will always be on their minds, we are their fear, we are what they want to avoid. Those unfortunate ones that do get in our trap are marked with our symbol. The mask.

We leave a black mask as a threat. People see it; they know something bad will happen. Each and every member in our gang has a black mask tattooed somewhere on their body. Mine was on my forearm. This symbolised that we belonged somewhere. It represented that we are part of a community. Ours was the ‘Night Crawlers’.

It was just past midnight now and we were all walking and talking. A few of us were having a smoke and our gang leader, Damen, was drinking a bottle of alcohol. We were all having a bit of fun, not giving a care what anyone else thought.

Suddenly I was tapped on the shoulder and my name was called out, “Racy.” They whispered. I turned around to find my fellow gang member Trace looking at me with a worried expression. I have him a smug smile.

“What’s the matter Trace?” I asked. Trace was never the one to look worried or out of place. He was well built, tall, with a load of muscle and abs. When not wearing a mask and hood, his skin was pale and his hair was cut short and blonde. His eyes were deep blue and threatening, that hardly anyone could look at them, apart from me of course. I knew Trace really well, after all he was the person that brought me into the gang.

I gave Trace a questioning look. He gulped and then pointed to the distance. Abruptly, everyone else froze too and looked to where he pointed. My eyes followed along his arm to the tip of his finger and off into the remoteness. Right there was a black figure.

I quickly looked around me. The houses were different and the street looked unfamiliar under the street lamp. There were bushes in places I’d never seen before and trees that were planted in the wrong places. Where were we? I looked back to the figure across the street. The dark figure started to multiply. Soon there were three silhouettes standing ahead of us. Then the realisation of it hit me. We were not in our territory any-more  We had crossed our line. My heart started pounding, as the three figures started to grow larger as they headed for us.

Another one of my gang members spoke “We’re not on our territory. We have crossed theirs.” Morana whispered. When not in her get up she had curly hazel coloured hair and sharp brown eyes. I looked at our gang leader. He was still and held his alcohol bottle tight in his hands.

“Damen? What are we going to do?” I mumbled to him. I glanced back at the three figures; they were still advancing towards us. It was no longer now, till they reached.

“Everyone, slowly walk back.” Damen commanded in a low and husky voice. He was the oldest one out of all of us. He had tanned skin, obsidian eyes and jet black hair. He was well built like Trace too. All of us nodded our heads and obeyed our order. “Don’t show your fear!” he hissed at us. I gulped again.

Crossing the line meant, we had gone into another gang’s territory. This time we had crossed the ‘Death Dealers’ gang, also known as the ‘Double D’s’. They were our biggest rivalry gang. Both of us were intimidating, both of us didn’t hesitate to hurt and both of us had gone against each other many times before. Everyone knew that the ‘Night Crawlers’ and the ‘Death Dealers’ didn’t mix; we were complete enemies.

I started to back up, but I was stopped by something hard. I turned my head round to see the source and my eyes went wide. Right there behind us were the other three members of the group. I looked back in front of me; the three silhouettes were a lot closer now and I could make out their facial features. I looked at the others in exasperation. How were we going to get out of this one without a fight? We were surrounded.

I heard an ominous chuckle echo throughout the night. “Greetings ‘Double D’s.” spoke Damen. He stepped forward keeping the rest of us behind him. The people surrounding us held our arms behind our backs. It hurt but I knew, I had to endure it for a bit longer. Damen always had a plan in these situations.

“Well, hello ‘NC’s. You seem to have got a bit ‘lost’, I see.” The leader of the opposing gang stepped forward and smiled smugly. I could feel sweat forming on my face, thank God, I had a mask on to prevent anyone from seeing me. They would have surely made fun of me.

“Accidentally. We were just leaving, so if you please…” Damen said sternly. He always went with the calm approach first, but if that didn’t work, then came the violence. All the other gang members from ‘Double D’s’ laughed evilly. I let out a huff and I could hear Morana, Trace and a few others mumble out incoherent words under their breath.

“Not so easily NC.” The other leader whispered scarily. “You trespassed on our grounds. You will pay the price for it.” He smiled. I could see the devilish glint in his eyes. Anyone could tell that he wasn’t going to let us go easily, but neither were we the ones to let them win.

“If you say so.” Damen said, even though I could only see his eyes, I knew that under that mask he had a smirk plastered on his face. He stood still, arms by his side, but within a fraction of a second his hard fist collided with the ‘Double D’ leader’s face. That was our cue.

I kicked the guy behind me where the sun doesn’t shine. The others did the same and started beating the ‘Double D’ gang to a pulp. Damen was battling it out with the other leader and they were both rolling around on the floor. It was a definite that were going to get hurt, but were weren’t the ones to give up.

I pushed the kicked down the guy in front of me and sat on top of him. Rapidly, anger started bubbling inside of me. How dare they try and threaten us? I started throwing punches at the guy on the ground. The guys tried to push me off him, but hitting my stomach. It hurt like hell, but I ignored the pain and hit him in his nose. My knuckles were covered in blood and my heart was pounding.

Just then, I felt someone kick me in the back and pull me off the man. I glanced at who was behind me; another one of those ‘Double D’ members. I tried punching him to put me down, but within a matter of seconds I was the one of the floor getting kicked. I put my knees up to my stomach to give me a bit of protection.

“What’s a girl like you going to do?” The guy above me said bitterly. That’s it; when someone says that I can’t do anything because I am a girl, it gets to me. Anger built up throughout me, but I still lay on the floor. The guy spat on me and was about to walk away when I grabbed hold of his ankle and he fell flat on his face.

I carefully got up and walked over to him, putting my foot on his face. I looked around; my gang members were still fighting it out and it looked like Damen was about to win the match between him and the other leader. I smiled inside, but then turned my attention back to the person I was dealing with and anger once again came out.

“I never knew a guy like you would get bet beat up by a girl, like me.” I spat on him. I pushed my foot harder down on his face. I could see his ear was starting to bleed and his face had smudge marks on it, or were they bruises? I shrugged my shoulders and lifted my foot, and put all my weight onto it before stepping on his face once again. That ought to do it. I was about to do the same move again when I heard a gun click.

Everyone froze, all our head snapped to the direction of the sound. It was Damen and his opposition. I hands immediately went down to Damen’s glove covered hands, but he held no gun. That meant it was… the other person. My eyes widened; a gun nearby never meant good, especially when it was in the hands of the enemy. I left the person I was dealing with limp on the ground and walked over to Damen, but stood aback.

“Damen.” whispered Trace and kicked down the person, on his leg. He came and stood next to me, we all gaped at the guy with the gun and Damen. Who was to get shot? The guy with the gun laughed, “Now who’s the one in control?” he sneered and held up the gun to Damen’s chest.

Damen stood there, stout and not about to budge an inch. This is why he was the leader of our gang; he wasn’t afraid of anything. He was willing to take his life for us. “You’re not in control.” Damen spat through his mask. I was surprised it was still on after the physical fight he had. The other guy laughed.

All of a sudden he pulled the trigger and a bullet when flying. The loud noise alerted everyone. Trace raced towards his leader and pushed Damen out of the way. Damen fell to the ground and the bullet went straight though Trace’s chest. My arms fell limp by my sides and my mouth fell open. Tears started forming in my eyes. Trace was shot. His jacket started soaking with blood.

The ‘Death Dealers’ went ran away leaving the gun on the floor. I ran to Trace and collapsed by his side. So did Morana, Damen, and the three others. Some of us were badly injured and had taken quite a beating, but not as much as Trace suffered. I cupped his face with my hands.

“Trace.” I whispered. My tears streamed down my face, but a few tears escaped and fell onto the body in cradled in my arms. “Trace, wake up, please.” I pleased. I shook him from the shoulders. “Trace, wake up!” I shouted. It was no use. He still lay there lifeless, in my arms.

Damen, came up beside me and held Trace’s wrist. “He’s dead.” He announced. My heart almost stopped. No, he can’t be dead.  I held Trace closer to me and held him to my chest. I closed my eyes and rocked him backwards and forwards slowly.

“Trace please come back.” Mumbled Morana. She had tears coming out of her eyes too as she held onto Trace’s hand. “Please open your eyes.” She barely whispered. I knew what she was feeling. Trace was the like a big brother to us in our gang. We were the only girls; he would make everyone treat us with respect. There would be no other like him.

I could hear police sirens in the distance. I knew they were going to find us soon. That’s when Nixon, another one our members spoke “We need to get out of here.” I could tell he was upset, but at the same time he didn’t want his to be sent to prison. We were one of the most dangerous gangs on the street. Understanding where he was coming from I lay Trace down on the cold ground.

I took of his mask, to reveal his chiselled, pale face. His blonde hair was stood up in all directions and his deep blue eyes were covered by his long lashes. I took his mask and made him hold in both his hands on his chest. He will always forever be a remembered member of the ‘Night Crawlers’ gang.

“Come on Racy, we need to go.” Morana rasped tugging me away. The police sirens were louder and I could now see the blue flashing lights in the distance. My eyes were blurry, but I still wanted a last look at Trace. I would get my revenge on them sooner or later, believe me I would.

“Racy, come on!” Damen called. I looked at him and blinked making big tears roll down my cheeks. I was being pulled further and further away from Trace. I didn’t want to leave him there on the cold hard ground. I wanted him to come with us. I wanted him to tease Damen; I wanted him to come up with devilish schemes with me. I needed him; we needed him, the gang needed him.

I slowly turned around and followed everyone else, but before I did I whispered “Goodbye, Trace.” I memorised the last time I would see him. My beloved friend, Trace.

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