The Stranger Online

Maria started to chat to a stranger online. She doesn't know his name, his age, or anything about him. The stranger starts to flirt with her, but she's married. What's going to happen when she starts to fall for the stranger, and he starts to fall for her? Will her entire marriage fall apart, or will she manage to hide it from her husband? And...... who will the stranger be?


3. The Stranger Online~2

The next night, after Maria had come home from work, she sat at the kitchen bench trying to decide what she wanted to cook for tea that night. After spending a while thinking of something easy to cook, she finally decided on spaghetti bolognaise.

She walked tiredly towards the refrigerator where the leftover bolognaise was sitting, begging to be eaten. At the sight of it, Maria's stomach growled loudly. She yanked the bolognaise out of the shelf that it was sitting on, and popped it in the microwave.

Just as she was getting the spaghetti out, her phone vibrated. She pulled it out of her pocket, and found a new tweet from this guy.

Maybe we could meet up sometime it read. Maria's first thought was no. She had barely talked to this guy. She didn't know anything about him. She was married. What if her huband caught her? But then, if she said yes, and met up with him, then maybe she could just tell him there and then. Then Ethan wouldn't be such a major problem.

No. She decided to just keep this up and find out a bit more about him. For all she knew, this person was a serial killer. He could be a criminal. On the run from police.

Sorry. Busy. she bluntly replied, not wanting to give anything away.

Maria heard the door swing open. Ethan was home. She tucked her phone back inside her pocket, making sure Ethan didn't know.  

'Hi, Ethan.' she said quietly, as he walked into the room.

'Hey, hun.' he kissed her gently on the head. 'Good day?'

'Better than most.'

As Ethan began to launch into all the details about his recent work life, Maria began to zone out until eventually, Ethan's talking was nothing more than background noise. She thought about what would happen if he found out about this stranger online. What if he thought that she was flirting? She still loved Ethan. She knew that she always would. She wasn't the person to fall in love with a random person whom she had never met before. She had known Ethan for three years before she fell in love with him. That was the major seperation between the stranger and her husband. She knew Ethan. She trusted Ethan. She believed in Ethan. And this other guy was totally unknown to her.

Soon, Maria realised that she had missed most of Ethan's chat about his work.

'So, yeah, that pretty much sums up my day completely.' he finished.

'Sounds interesting.' Maria muttered.

'You okay, beautiful?' he asked her.

'Fine, just a long day for me.'

'Maybe you need some sleep.'


He stood up and sat down beside her, wrapping his arm around her and pulling her into a hug.

'I love you, Maria.' he said gently, as Maria's eyes got heavier and heavier, and she fell asleep, wondering how many more worries tomorrow would bring.  


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