The Stranger Online

Maria started to chat to a stranger online. She doesn't know his name, his age, or anything about him. The stranger starts to flirt with her, but she's married. What's going to happen when she starts to fall for the stranger, and he starts to fall for her? Will her entire marriage fall apart, or will she manage to hide it from her husband? And...... who will the stranger be?


2. The Stranger Online~1

Maria went to bed tossing and turning. She didn't know why, but she just couldn't sleep. Eventually, she gave up trying and decided to just get up, even though it was 12:30 pm. She would just go back to bed in about half an hour or so.

Maria switched on the TV, wrapped a blanket around herself and started to flick through her phone. There were more tweets from this guy. He was really starting to freak her out. Was he stalking her? It seemed like he was. She didn't know what she was going to do stop it, though. She didn't actually think about unfollowing him at that moment. It was like a brief thought that just passed through her head.

Another message notification appeared on her screen.

Hello, lovely. :) She wondered what this guy was doing, and she didn't figure it out to a few minutes later when suddenly...

Not in the mood to talk, are you, beautiful? That was when Maria realised that this guy was flirting with her! This couldn't be happening. 

A million thoughts raced through her head. Should she just ignore this guy? She was, after all, married, and she was a faithful woman. But then, if she said no, it might just make this guy more determined. Maybe it would be best to just play along and break it to him that she was married later on. 

After a lot of thinking, Maria just decided on option two, even if it wasn't the best idea. This weirdo would find out later on. 

Hi ;) Maria replied, shaking her brunette tangle of hair out. Then she locked her phone, unwrapped herself from inside the blanket and stalked off to her bedroom, where Ethan was rolling over in bed. 

She pulled back the covers and laid her head on her pillow, snuggling herself closer to Ethan, where he wrapped his arm around her and she counted the beats of his heart until she slowly drifted off to sleep......

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