Saving My Best Friend

Ok so this is a Niall Horan fan fiction and he's not famous.

What is Niall going to do when his best friend Jessica gets taken hostage for mistakes of his old friend Dustin Clark? Dustin did some awfull things and owed a lot of money is he killed himself and left everything on Niall's shoulders. So how does Niall cope knowing that its his fault and Dustin's that she's gone?


1. Chapter One ~ Taken

Just a regular Saturday morning for me, sitting on my bed listening to music and scrolling through Twitter.
Let me tell you a bit about myself ~ My name is Jessica Smith (I have a boring name, I know) I have very long brown hair, brown eyes, tanned skin and I'm quite tall.
Anyway back to my story
I was just having a regular morning like all Saturdays. *beep beep* I wonder who's texting me? Probably Niall.
From~ My Irish Potato ;) To~ Jess ;) <3
"Can I come round? I'll bring ice cream :)"
I laughed, Niall always brings ice cream, I replied
"My Irish potato you don't need to ask, and I have plenty of ice cream :)"
He replied
"Yay! Ill be round in half an hour :)"
I locked my phone and went to get dressed I picked out my sunset colours tank top and white denim ripped jeans with light pink ballet flats. I tied my hair in a high pony tail, put on some eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss. Perfect. I sat back on my bed to wait for Niall when I heard something smash in the living room, mum and dad were on holiday and Niall wouldn't be here for another 10 minutes. I quietly snuck out of my room and peaked down the stairs and saw five men dressed all in black with guns and knives. I ran back to my room, grabbed my phone and locked my self in the bathroom I text Niall "Niall I'm scared! There are 5 guys with guns and knives in my living room!!!" I sat quietly for a minute then I got a reply "WHAT!!!??? Lock yourself in the bathroom and stay quiet!!!" I tried not to cry I hated making Niall worry about me. I heard someone come up the stairs then I heard banging on the door.
Their going to break down the door! I quickly tucked my phone into my bra (it works and doesn't get seen and I was desperate). I took deep breaths then the door burst open "Here she is. Grab her" the man said roughly they dragged me up and tied a rope around my mouth to stop me from talking two of the men grabbed one of my arms each and dragged me through the house and out onto the driveway I tried kicking but it didn't work they sagged me out to a van and unlocked the door and threw me in just as the doors were closing I saw Niall at the end of the street running like mad to catch up "JESS!!!!" He screamed then the guys sped the van off into the distance.

Niall's P.O.V

As soon as I got the text from Jess saying there were men in her house with guns and knives I panicked. This was all Dustin's fault and now he wasn't here to fix his problems. Of course just typical for me, my best guy friends were at a football game that I refused to go to so I'm on my own. I grabbed my phone and ran, past the park, the cinema, the shopping center every where all the way through London until I got to North London then I bolted to Jess' house when I got to the bottom of her street I saw her being pulled out of her house and into a van. She looked so pretty besides being kidnapped- wait why was I thinking that? I'm her bestfriend.
As they closed the doors I bolted up to the van screaming her name but they drove far too fast and I collapsed onto my knees in the middle of the road, at least it wasn't a busy road I quickly recapped who wasn't at the football game, Conor and Luke! I quickly ran to their house and knocked in the door almost immediately Luke answered "Hey man, what's wrong? I thought you were at Jessica's?" I tried not to cry. I will not cry in front of anyone spar from Jess. "Can I come in?" I said, I knew Luke would be able to tell something was wrong.
I walked in after him and sat down on one of the beanbags int he den beside Conor. Luke came and sat beside me "Right so why do you look like you want to cry and why aren't you at Jessica's place and please don't cry I really don't want to see an Irish guy cry" I took in a deep breath "You guys remember Dustin? And what he done then killed himself and left it to me?" They modded slowly "Right well I never told Jess about being threatened in fact all she knows is that one of my friends died. Well she text me when I was getting ready to go round she said there were men with guns and knives in her living room and she was scared. I told her to lock herself in the bathroom but it didn't work as I got to her house they drove off with Jess in the back of their van" they looked like they wanted to cry "Jessica never did anything to them, why did they take her" Conor said "If my theory's right they did it because they know how much she means to me and I have to pay the money Dustin owed them" I replied on the brink of crying "S-so they took her hostage?" Luke said I nodded then we all hugged and let our tears slip out and stain our cheeks. But what I wanted to know is what we're we going to do? How was I going to Save My Best Friend?
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