Love Hurts 2


Its been 2 years. Alicia couldnt take it anymore. she still wants to be with harry. holding hime, cuddling him like before. but now his on tour.. will he forget about her? will he find a person better then her? Will he break alicia's heart? Will alicia ever forgive him? Read to find out ;)


2. Finding the truth

I slammed the door and cried on my bed. i couldnt stop. Then, there was a light knock on the door.

''honey,is everything alright?''

''yeah..dont worry mum!''

''open the door.''

''in a minute!''

i got up and walk to the door dragging my legs. 

''Are u okay honey?''


''is it about harry?''

I then started to cry even louder and my mum grab me and let me lay my head on her shoulder.

''He...he..cheated on me mum..''

''Oh no he did not..''

''yes. he did.''

I walk to my bed, sat down and grabbed a pillow.

''im so sorry honey..''

''no its nothing..''

''who is he with right now?''




more tears roll down my cheeks even faster..i just could not believe it.

''oh my gawd. lets just forget about it kay honey? lets just watch some tv.''

My mum grab the remote on switch the tv on.Great, the news was on.

''breaking news! One direction's harry styles is dating taylor swift and had just recently broken up with alicia. He told in an interview that he is now dating taylor and is no more with alicia! they have been recently found kissing each other at Nandos in new york! More news coming up after this...''

My mum switch off the tv and my tears were now moving more faster . My mum got up and rub my back and telling me it was okay and left the room to get some chocolate to make me feel better. but no, nothing can..

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