Brought Together As 1

i know you individually but will i recognise you as one?


17. Wolverhampton

Oh wow I'm actually here. i seriously hope this is the last move for the next 3 or so years. I unbuckled my seat belt and stood up out of my AirPlane chair to stretch my arms and legs. I collected my baggage from the overhead locker and walked out of the plane. I walked through a tunnel until i got to some doors. I walked out and found a lady with my name on a peice of paper. I  went over to her and introduced myself. "Miss Wrench, how are you, I am Mrs Deltalyn but you can just call me Mrs D, I am the Principal of Wolverhampton Girls Boarding House. How was the flight?" "Um hi Mrs D, the flight was fine. how far away is the Boarding house from here, I am in desperate need of sleep" "Don't worry hun, the house is only 10 minutes away, as long as we get going now!" wow i liked her already. We made our way through the crowd of people and to the car waiting outside. The car ride was silent but was only short. We pulled up in front of a big brick building that was 4 storeys high and about 100 metres wide. "This Miss Wrench is your new home. Those girls over there will be your roommates, they are sisters." we got out of the car and approached them. "Nicole, Ruth this is Hayley Wrench. Haylay This is Nicole" she said pointing to the taller girl "and this is Ruth" she said pointing to the other girl. "Hi" i said quietly. "Girls, I trust you will look after her and show her to the room. "yes Mrs D" said Nicole. Mrs D walked off and it was instantly awkward. "so uh what floor are you guys on?" i said trying to break the silence. "oh the fourth, would you like to come up?" Said Ruth. "oh yes please!". They showed me up to their room and there was an empty bed next to the window and an empty bed next to another door, I'm guessing the bathroom. "You pick, Nicole recons you get better WIFI from the window but i think that bed is comfier" Ruth said pointing to the bed by the door. "I think i'll go with that bed" I said walking to the window bed. "so what did you do to end up here?" Nicole asked me, 'Failed two subjects after being at my new school for one week, What about you? "Well uh...

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