Brought Together As 1

i know you individually but will i recognise you as one?


32. Weird Texts

Once I got up to the room Mum, Dad and I were staying in I gave mum the towel and went to the room I saw Harry go into earlier. I Knocked on the door once and Zayn opened it straight away. "Hey! Come in" I walked in after giving Zayn a small hug and a kiss on the cheek. All of the boys were sitting around either on their computers or phones except Liam. He wasn't there. "You don't happen to know where Liam is do you?" Niall asked "I thought he was in here with you guys." "We thought he was with you" Louis added. "He came down to the lobby with me but he stayed in the elevator. " I was starting to get worried. Could I have upset him with what I said. Probably. What have I done. "What room is he in?" I asked. "229" Harry said not looking up from his computer screen. "I'll be back!" I said as i ran out the door, through the halls and stopped at room 229. I knocked once. No answer. I knocked again. Still no answer. "LIAM OPEN UP! PLEASE LET ME TALK TO YOU I NEED TO TELL YOU SOMETHING!" I yelled I raised my hand to knock again but the door swung open. "what, are you here to yell again? Here to make me feel even more guilty? here to make me feel like shit!? Go on say it!" "Liam, I, I just wanted you to know that even though it might not mean anything to you but I really did enjoy the time that I had with with you, and when  you kissed me I actually felt like somebody wanted me, and I didn't mean to lose it in the elevator I have just been botteling it up for so long because I can't talk to anybody." "So, can we just go back to friends that have kissed twice?" "I would love that!" He hugged me and we walked back to the room the boys were in. "hey, all good?" Zayn asked "All good" Liam said smiling. We sat down with the boys and were just talking when my phone beeped. I got a text from an unknown number. I opened it up, and it read- "You think you can win him back like that! I'm sorry princess he's already mine and as much as you want to you can't change that!

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