Brought Together As 1

i know you individually but will i recognise you as one?


13. Weekend.

Finally the weekend, i have now been in Bradford for 2 weeks, but i like Mullingar and Doncaster better. there was a knock at the door so I got up out of bed and went to the door. I opened it up and saw Zayn standing there. "oh uh hi" i said nervously looking down at my singlet and pyjama pants. "um hi? i was just wondering if that kid who answered the door yesterday gave you my message." "oh uh Harry yea, and uh yeah my head is still a little sore" "oh really, i am so sorry! my uh friends dare me to do the worst things, that uh whole 'don't look, don't touch, don't talk to, thing was a dare from them. you see, every one in the school tries to be my friend, so they are trying to make at least one person in the school hate me and my only guess is that you do?" he said in one breath. "I don't hate you Zayn," "good, I was also wondering if you wanted to help me study for our english exam? I am really confused on the whole thing" "yea uh sure, where do you want me to meet you?" "um if you wanted to come by my house later on if you want, but if thats weird we can just meet at the park or the library or um-" "i think your house will be fine" "haha so uh i'll wait for you out the front later, i live just down there" he said pointing down my street. "12? is that a good time for you?" he asked "12 is perfect" "ok than thanks. i'll see you later then." "ok bye" "bye" i shut the door and went to check the time. 7.30. 

~At Zayns~

I walked into his front door and he guided me into the lounge room, where there were a few books, pens, pencils and scrunched up paper over the coffee table. "Well i don't know alot about this English unit but i'll have a go!" "trust me you'll be better than me!" 

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