Brought Together As 1

i know you individually but will i recognise you as one?


27. Waking Up

"Sir, your not allowed to stay here tonight, but you may come back tomorrow" I could here voices, a I could feel people around me, but I didn't have the strength to open my eyes. "It's my fault she's here! can I please stay with her!" I could recognise the voice but I couldn't remember the name that it belonged to. "No, Family only! You may come back tomorrow, when she will hopefully be awake!" I didn't know who's voice that was. I heard a loud thumping coming closer and closer. "I Got here as fast as I could! What Happened?" I could recognise this voice, It was Zayn. Where was I and why can't I open my eyes I heard more thumping again. "Hayley! Hayley!" I heard from a distance. "Excuse me doctor, we recovered this from the vehicle, we advise that only the people on her favourites list can stay." i heard a new voice. I heard a screech from a shorter distance. "Doctor! what happened! wh- why i- i ju-" whoever it was just broke down in tears. "Mr Horan?" somebody asked. "thats me," "You may stay tonight, as well as Mr Malik, Tomlinson, Styles and Payne." "Thats me! so i can stay!" If your name was just read out than you may stay" I could recognise Niall's and Zayn's voice but I didn't know who the third was. I heard two more lots of thumping coming closer. "Names?" While those two gave their names I could recognise them. It was Harry, and Louis. Somebody grabbed my hand a squeezed it. I would have gave anything to be given the strength to open my eyes at that point. I needed to see them. I squeezed my has as tight as I could and i felt something liquid drop on to my arm. Whoever was holding my hand was crying. I tensed all my muscles and opened my eyes. I got them to eventually open when I saw Niall sitting beside me holding my hand, Louis opposite him with is head in his hands, Harry leaned against the wall with one foot propped up, Zayn sitting beside the door and someone else sitting at the end of my bed. Who was he?

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