Brought Together As 1

i know you individually but will i recognise you as one?


7. Take It In

I sat in my room for the rest of night, i couldn't sleep, i couldn't eat i could barely even talk. i had lived here in Doncaster for just over a month and i was already leaving. i dont know how i am going to tell Lou, i have no idea how he is going react. i was broken from my thoughts when my phone rang "hello?" '' oh hey hayley its Lottie" ''oh hey Lottie whats up'' '' well i was just wondering, well i kinda have a date tommorow and i was just wanting to ask if you could help me chose an outfit and stuff'' '' oh yea Lott cool i'll be over soon, can you plaese tell Lou i need to talk to him, too'' oh sure, and thanks!"


At Lou's House Helping Lottie~

'' oh what about this dress Lott?'' '' eeww no thats way to girly! how about some thing like these jeans and ummm this shirt?" "Lottie your going on a date you cant wear jeans! just try this on for me" i said while handing her the dress. it was mid thight length with a black and white pattern on the top part and plain black flowy skirt part. "oh my god  i look like a clown" Lottie said as she walked out of her bathroom " OH MY GOD LOTTIE! You look amazing!" i kind of yelled. '' you think it really looks good?






Authors note: sorry that its short and that it took so long but i think i made up for it with a cliffhanger. remember comment PLEASE!

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