Brought Together As 1

i know you individually but will i recognise you as one?


14. Studying

it was 1.30 and Zayn and I had covered all of our study questions. He is actually really nice. we had packed up all our books and equipment and were just talking suddenly Zayn leaned in and kissed me. I pulled back and couldn't speak. "HAYLEY! what the hell are you doing!" i heard from somewhere out side. i looked over and saw my Mum standing out side. "oh my god! i am so sorry i have to go!" i said as i ran out the front door. "i'll call you later" Zayn called from the lounge room, which probably didn't help. once i got outside I was being dragged away from Zayns house by my Mum. we got to the car and got in. "mum what the hell!? I am finally starting to get a life here in Bradford and you do this?! Oh My God!" "Hayley, you've been at school for one week and you've already failed two subjects!" "well sorry for not knowing what I was doing because like you said i have been at school for a week!" I looked down at the floor of the car and saw a bunch of flyers. I picked one up and saw that it was for a boarding school in Wolverhampton "Um, what is this?" i asked her. "that is where your going next month. Your father and I have discussed it and you will start there for the start of the second term." "excuse me! this will be my 3rd move in the past 3-4 months! all you ever talk about is trying to make me happy! but with moving houses every month I am NOT happy! i was happy in Mullingar, but no! lets take that away! i was happy in Doncaster but no! lets take that away again! I Am Happy NOW! and your taking that away! I can't believe you!" i got out of the car and walked away.

After about 20 mins of walking i went to the park. I got out my phone and called Niall. I hadn't spoken to him for a week. "Hello?" "Hey Niall, whats up?" "Oh my god Haylay, um nothing much what about you?" "oh uh nothing i guess" "Hayley somethings wrong I can here it in your voice" "My Mums making me go to boarding school in Wolverhampton, thats wrong, Niall i just need a hug" "well your in luck"

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