Brought Together As 1

i know you individually but will i recognise you as one?


22. Spread

"I seriously hope that you were hugging because if it spreads around that you kissed you are going to be called a slut for the rest of your life! 'OMG Her second day here and already making out with whoever she can' 'what a bitch'" Ruth mimicked as i walked to my bed, sitting down on it. I heard Nicole whisper something to Ruth but I couldn't figure out what. They looked at eachother and ran to the door and both said "OH NO!" at the same time. They left the room instantly and I followed to see what the fuss was about. I walked out and saw a few girls outside of our room all turning silent as i stepped out of the room. "Oh Girls, Giving Miss Wrench a welcoming, Good on you! but use the last of your weekend wisely!" Mrs D said as she pushed through the  crowd. A few of the girls giggled and left but a few stayed out side the door, waiting until Mrs D was gone. Mrs D grabbed my arm and pulled me through the door shutting it behind her. I heard one of the girls say "Be careful Mrs D, She might be hungry for your face!" but Mrs D didn't hear. "Miss Wrench, How are you finding Wolverhampton?" "Oh It's lovely! Nicole and Ruth have been awesome! But uh.. please call me Hayley." "Oh sorry, Mi- Hayley, I'm glad to hear. I just came to give you these, they are your uniforms, Mondays, Tuesday, Thursday You wear this one, It's your formal, Wednesday you wear this one It's your sport uniform, You will have you Physical Education lesson on Wednesday. Friday is free dress, Every Friday." she said handing me a pile of clothes. There were two formals, one sport. "Mrs Andly will come around on a Wednesday to pick up your dirty clothes and wash them. OK?" "Cool" Mrs D stood up and left, and two girls made their way in our room with Ruth and Nicole behind them. "Oh look at her, little miss innocent. Do you love Little Liam? Do you wanna kiss Little Liam? oh wait you already have! You Little slut! Liam is mine and everybody knows it! Also don't bother to go and meet him this afternoon, he called me and told me to tell you that he has to got out with his girlfriend. oh wait thats me! Don't ever go near him again! You got that? Slut?!" She yelled, "Liam is not your boyfriend! you wish he was but he isn't! You're just jealous Amy! jealous that Hayley is better than you!" Ruth yelled. Instead of replying, Amy, I think it is? Hit Ruth straight across the face. twice! "You think that little slut is better than me! I Think you'll fi-" "Girls what is all thus screaming?!" Mrs D yelled from across the room. Amy ran straight to Ruth's side and tried to comfort her. "Hayley! How could you! First you go and kiss her brother and then hit her?" Amy yelled "Hayley? Is that true?" Mrs D looked shocked. "No! I would nev-" "It was Amy Mrs D! she hit me twice! look there is even a mark from her ring, Hayley isn't wearing a ring!" Ruth yelled, as she look at her self in a mirror. "Hmm I see, Amy My Office. NOW" Mrs D yelled. I knew Amy was lying when she said Liam cancelled so I went to get ready to meet him. 

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