Brought Together As 1

i know you individually but will i recognise you as one?


20. Seeing Him Again

I woke up the next morning with tear stained eyes. I cried my self to sleep, not knowing what would happen today. It was only Sunday still, I started my first classes tomorrow. I sat up and looked around. Liam was asleep in the spare bed. I quietly got up and grabbed some clothes and walked into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. I turned the shower on and undressed. I stepped in and after about 5 minutes i stepped out again. I dried myself and got dressed in my new set of clothes. I applied a light amount of makeup, not to much. and walked out of the bathroom. I stepped out of the bathroom and i saw Liam sitting up in his bed. "oh, uh hey, can i please talk to you in the hall?" I'm suprised he is even talking to me after what happened yesterday. "uh yea sure" we walked outside and sat down in the hall. "I'm so sorry, about kissing you yesterday, I don't know why I did it, I wa-" "It's ok Liam, I was thinking, maybe we could try again?" Why the hell did I say that, I think i have this disease where my tongue moves way too fast and says something before my brain can catch up. He leaned in again and we kissed, I didn't pull away this time. I think I actually enjoyed it. I pulled back and just hugged him. Apparently this disease has moved to my arms as well. He leaned in again and we kissed again. I was about to pull away when the door opened and Ruth walked out seeingLLiam and I. "um what the hell?" "Uh, um I uh, We, we uh err." Liam said trying to think of something. Oh no. 

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