Brought Together As 1

i know you individually but will i recognise you as one?


5. Phone Call

"hi Hayley its John from your Dads work, Hows everthing going" '' oh hi John, yeah everythings going fine, would you like to speak to me Dad" " ahh you took the word out of my mouth!'' " haha ok just give me a moment to go get him'' "ok thank Hayley'' i rshed down stairs to find Dad.


Whilst Dads on th phone"

I walked back upstairs and got out my phone to text Louis but before i could press send i heard yelling from downstairs, i ran down the stairs to see what was going on, but stoped to see Dad still on the phone.i stood out side the study, hidng my body from being seen around and just having my head poking around the corner, only seeing about half of Dad anyway. " what are you talking about John? Oh Really. Are you serious? Me? but i've just moved for work! I'll have to talk to Melina and Hayley about it but i'll get back to you. Ok thanks John" i heard dad say/ ell into the phone. I straightend up and saw dad wlking to the door of the study from th inside, i quickly ran to the stairs and pretended i just walked down " GIRLS, i need to talk to you both, Melina! Hayley!" i walked into the lounge room and sat down next to my mum who was already in there reading. " oh wel don't freak out but I've just been offerd a promotion and they want me to start at headquaters!" my dad said excitedly i just saw my Mums mouth drop" wait isn't that in Bradford? I asked I didn't want to move again, I remember the first move, Saying good bye to Niall, and now Lou. i was broken by my mum " Oh My Goodness how exciting, when do they want you to move, good thing we kept those removal boxes I'm so proud of you Steve!" " well they want me to move there as soon as possible!" my Dad said sounding more excited than my Mum i think he was just happy she didn't freak out , " Excuse me! when do i get a say in this decission! We cant move now I've just found some friends, just settled in and worst of all i've just gotten used to beng away from Niall every single day, we Cannot MOVE" " Im sorry sweetiw but its not really an option this is a HUGE oppertuniyt for you Father!" my um said sounding kind of angry that i wasnt for the move.


1 month later~

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