Brought Together As 1

i know you individually but will i recognise you as one?


9. New House, New School

BEEP BEEP BEEP* i sat up, rubbed my eyes and switched the alarm off. it has been a week since we've been in Bradford. i had my first day of school today. i got up and got ready. i slowly walked downstairs and made my breakfast. My dad had already left for work and my mum was still looking for a part time job. i grabbed my bag after putting my empty plate into the dishwasher, and left for school. i walked down my street, turned onto another street and my school was in sight. it was alot bigger than the school at Doncaster. walked down the hall and tried to find the Office when i bumped into someone, i looked up and saw a tall, boys with jet black hair. " watch where you going clutz! " he was right i did needed to watch where i was going. 


after i got my time table and map i walked to my first class. it was english, my favourite. I walked in and introduced myself to the teacher. " Hi there i'm Mr Bren but all of my students call me Mr B" "oh ok, um, where should i sit?" "well theres an available seat next to Zayn over there if you want to sit there" Mr B said while pointing to the boy i bumped into earlier. "ok thank you" i was not really happy to have to sit next to him " Hi I'm Hayley," he just ignored me and i sat i opened my book i accidently touched his arm " ew don't touch me! you have clutz germs,!" he yelled at me, i couldn't believe he just said that. "sorry" i said weakly. " ok three rules, Don't look at me, Don't touch me, Don't talk to me. got it?" " sorry" i just said again. 


the rest of the day passed and i didn't see Zayn again, i was walking home when i felt something hard hit me in the side of the head. i looked over to see where it came from and saw Zayn and his Group of friends, " what do they want now?" i whispered to myself

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