Brought Together As 1

i know you individually but will i recognise you as one?


2. New beginings.

Settled in~ First Day Of school~

well its been 2 weeks of being here in Doncaster and its nice. i've met this guy and he is really nice. he lies across the road so he and his family helped us unpack. his sister were so cute!. there was 4 girls and him he ws the oldest. his name was Louis, he wanted to be a singer just like Niall. ahh just the thought of Niall brought tears to my eyes. Oh My God Hayley contain yourself. anyway today is my first day of school. Louis said he woud walk me there.


After School~ OH MY GOD, i swear every single girl in my grade is a cake faced, stuck up, snob. i was in all of Louis' classes so i mainly just stuck with him. it wasn't really anything special just another day at school. my thoughts were interupted by my mum knocking on my door " come in" "thanks sweetie, i was just wondering how every thing was today? with school and all" " oh yea i't was cool, there wasnt many girls that i liked so i hung out with Louis and  he intrduced me to his friend Stan" " oh nice, i hope you had a great time, so i was just wondering now that all your furniture has arrived and all if you wanted to invite all the Tomlinsons to dinner tonight,?'' " oh yea sure ill go over and check now'' ''great'' and with that i walkd over to Louis' house. i rung the bell and waited about 3 seconds before Louis' little sister Charlotte opend the door. ''oh hey Hayley wats up?'' '' Charlotte hey  um my mum just wanted to know if you all wanted to come over for dinner'' "oh yea sure ill go check with mum, and uhh call me Lottie'' '' oh ok haha'' after Lottie left to check chck with her mum Louis came to the door. '' oh hey Lou'' "hey HayBear, is it alright if i call you that, i just think it suits you'' omg thats what Niall used to call me '' uhh yea sure, only if i can call you BooBear!'' "of course you can!'' just then Lottie came back. '' yea mum said yes so we'll see you at about 7?'' '' yea sure see you soon'' and with that i left.

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