Brought Together As 1

i know you individually but will i recognise you as one?


1. Moving :(

So it was all happening, the 14th of January, today was the day i was moving. i was going from a small town in the middle of Ireland to a little town in england called ' Doncaster.' My best friend Niall was helpng me pack the last of the stuff from my room into boxes. there were s many memories that i had to leave behind. Niall pulled a photo album out from the back of my wardrobe. it was the one he had given me for my birhday when we were 12. we were now 15. we opend it up and found a heap of old pictures, notes that we had exchanged over the years. Niall flipped the page and foung ther picture of our Summer break 2006. it was of us in the lake out the back of his house, fooling around with pool toys. ahh how i missed those times. Niall flipped the page again and that was the one that brought me to tears. it was a note he had written me when we were 6 years old. i started to red it when Niall closed the album. " you need to let it all go Hayley" he said with tears in his eyes. Niall was like an older brother to me. He was alway looking out for me. i just didn't want to let it all go. " But i cant Niall" he pulled me into a hug and i cried into his shirt. Niall and i have been inseperable since we were 2, how could i be expected to let it all go? "you'll be ok" he whispered into my ear. we pulled apart and he wiped my tears. at that moment my Mum came into my room with tears in her eyes aswell. " are you all done in here?"  she asked i took one last look at the blank walls and empty floor that i used to call my bedroom. " i thi- I think so" i stuttered through tears. " well its time to go sweet heart, the plane leaves at 4:30 and its 12:00 now so we best get going." i looked to Niall who was trying to be strong and holding back the tears he had in his eyes. he pulled me into another hug and kissed me lightly on my forehead. " call me when you land" "ok ,Niall i am going to miss you so much word cant describe how i'm going to have to go to school chill on weekends hang at the shops without you I dont know" " i'm gonna miss you too Haybear. i promise ill come and visit you as soon as the school holidays come" " ok" and with that we walkd down the empty halls which lead into the empty lounge room which lead us out side to see the whole neigbour hood out the front of our househelping get the last of the boxes onto the truck. i turned to Niall for one last hug, after we plled away i started to walk towards the car. " oh and Niall if i dont see you on the X Factor next year, watch out!" i yelled out the window of the car. All of the neighbours just laughed and with that we drove off.

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